Increase Multi-Family Recycling Rates with This Proven WFH Hack!

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Reusable Recycling Bags Are an Easy Solution to a Complex Problem

Working from home, at least in some capacity, appears to be a change brought about by COVID-19 that is here to stay. So many changes have resulted from people making the shift from working in offices to working from home (WFH). And one of those biggest changes relates to recycling.

Property managers in apartments and multi-family dwellings have come to learn that more tenants working from home means more items to be recycled.

Recycling, in general, tends to be a challenge in apartments and multi-family dwellings. People spending more time at home only compounds these problems.

We have written about how to overcome multi-family recycling challenges in the past and today we wanted to share our solution to increasing multi-family recycling rates.

Understanding Recycling Difficulties

Lack of convenience is the main deterrent to recycling in apartments.

The bin system that works so well in single-family homes just fails to work in apartments. Tenants do not have an easy way to collect items for recycling, and when it isn’t easy for people to do something, they are unlikely to do it.

You can learn more about the challenges to recycling in apartments and how our reusable recycling bags provide an effective solution by downloading our white paper. This resource breaks down the problems and explains how reusable recycling bags address each issue while also citing success stories.

Convenient Design

Reusable recycling bags make it easy and convenient for tenants to collect items for recycling.

The bag can easily be hung in a kitchen, pantry, or closet and used jars, cans, and other items can be tossed inside.

Then, when the bag is full it can be used to carry those items to a collection point.

The simple design makes recycling easy, and once it’s easy, tenants are more likely to recycle.

Customizable Bags

Perhaps, one of the biggest conveniences of our reusable recycling bags is the ability to customize the design. Everything about the bags can be customized. If you want to tweak the design to better fit your tenant’s needs, we can help you do that.

These bags also support full-color printing on all sides.

The ability to print custom artwork makes it possible to relay information, so the bags then become educational tools that aid in recycling.

Include a chart breaking down items that can be recycled to help people better understand the items they should be rounding up. Add websites or social media accounts to the recycing bags. Use the bags in order for people to connect with your organization, learn more, and become better informed about recycling.

These reusable recycling bags are useful as bags that can collect items, but the information they can convey is potentially just as helpful.

Put Recycling Within Reach

With more people working from home, preparing more meals from home, and placing more online orders many households have more things to recycle. Reusable recycling bags fulfill a need and provide a solution to a problem that is only compounded by the new work-from-home lifestyle.

We’ve been creating these reusable bags for municipalities all across the United States and have seen how successful these bags are at increasing recycling rates.

If you have questions or if you’re ready to start designing your very own reusable recycling bags then reach out and we can help!


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