Is Your Brand Growing as Fast as the Bag Ban Movement?

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Support the Movement and Your Brand

The movement to ban single-use plastic bags is constantly expanding. Is your business doing the same? Cities, counties and states all throughout the U.S. are banning single-use plastic bags. Consumers in areas not impacted by bag bans are even choosing to use less plastic and forgo plastic bags in an effort to go green. These efforts have created an increased demand for reusable shopping bags. If you have thought about marketing your business with custom reusable bags, or if you had planned to order bags for an upcoming trade show or event, now is a great time to do so thanks to our latest eco special!

Effective Marketing Product

Reusable bags make great marketing tools because they increase the visibility of your marketing message. Your customers will think of your brand when they take care of their shopping and they will also put your marketing info on display as they load up and carry your branded bags. This exposure can introduce your business to legions of new customers while also reminding existing customers about your business.

Fulfilling a Need

Thousands of cities and counties and even numerous states have passed laws banning or imposing fees on plastic bags. This creates a need for a plastic bag alternative. People not even impacted by bag bans are looking to go green and use less plastic, and making the switch to reusable shopping bags is a great way to do that.

All of this means that lots of people need and want reusable shopping bags. Your business can come through by providing people what they want while also promoting your brand by creating custom reusable shopping bags.

Eco Special

Reusable bags already deliver a great return on investment, but in order to make it even more cost-effective to order custom reusable bags, we are offering a limited time eco special. Get 10 percent off our custom full-color bags when you order by September 28, 2019. This offer is only good for orders of at least 1,500 bags.

eco special on custom reusable bags

Custom Reusable Bags

Everything about these bags can be built to your specifications. Choose the size, handle length, add pockets or anything else to really make these bags work for your customers and stand out. What really sets these custom reusable bags apart is the ability to print on all sides in full color. Artwork can include vivid colors and intricate detail or wrap around the bag all to help convey your message and get your brand noticed also while informing customers. We can even print on the bottom of the bags, for additional space to promote your business.

Green Marketing

The reusable nature of these custom bags reduces the need for disposable plastic bags, which makes them green. These bags further up the green ante by also being recyclable, so when these bags eventually wear out, your customers can recycle them to further minimize their environmental impact.

Let’s Create Your Custom Reusable Bags

Custom reusable bags are highly visible marketing tools that get your brand noticed. These bags are always a smart investment, but landing these bags for a great deal enables you to secure an even better ROI.

Now through September 28, 2019, when you order a minimum of 1,500 of our custom reusable bags during our Eco-Special, you can take 10 percent off while also enjoying full-color printing on all sides. Let us know if you have questions or need a quote but act fast before this deal ends!


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