Cute Pictures of Wildlife to Make You Smile and Reach for Your Reusable Bag!

Reach for Your Reusable Bag and Help Save These Cuties

Sometimes there is nothing better than looking at pictures of cute animals. Whether you need a break from a draining project at work, you are looking for pins for Pinterest, or you just feel like dwelling on the cuteness, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest pictures of wildlife, so take some time to gaze upon the adorability of these images. These images show how awesome nature can be and how important it is to protect them.

Litter Poses a Risk to Animals and Their Habitatsenhanced-buzz-31207-1371312695-32

While these pictures capture moments of extreme cuteness, what these images do not catch is the harm caused by litter, specifically single-use plastic bags. Plastic is not biodegradable, which makes it extremely dangerous as litter because it does not safely breakdown. Once it is discarded plastic litter is around for good. Litter can damage ecosystems by inhibiting plant growth and by default endanger the animals that rely on that food source, or as is unfortunately all too often animals may mistake trash for food and eat it. 3

Consuming litter can result in death, and when predators eat the carcass or prey that has ingested litter the predator will run the risk of consuming the plastic and perpetuating this horrible cycle. All litter has the potential to be harmful, but since plastic holds up against the elements it poses a major risk to animals and ecosystems.

How You Can Help

cute-animals-happy-smiling-sea-lion-seal-whiskers-picsMarine animals are more likely to experience the negative impact of litter, but all animals are at risk. The best way to help is to stop the problem at its source. Properly dispose of your garbage and if you see litter – pick it up! Another way to help is to reduce how often you use disposable items.

If you use reusable shopping bags instead of disposable plastic bags that means there will be fewer single-use plastic bags in circulation, so ultimately that means there is less change of that bag harming the environment and wildlife.

Over time if there is less demand, manufacturers will produce fewer bags and that will further help the cause. These simple changes will really add up and not only preserve the beauty of nature, but also protect animals. Do you have tips to help reduce litter? Let us know in the comments!

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