Create Custom Shopping Bags for Marketing or Retail Use at a Reduced Price!

Create Custom Shopping Bags for Marketing or Retail Use, Now at a Reduced Price!

Get the most for your marketing budget or retail use and get your order in on orders of 1500 to the millions on custom shopping bags. Custom reusable bags are good for your brand, and the planet, and thanks to our factory direct model, you can score an even better deal on our custom shopping bags! Read on to find out how.

Put Custom Shopping Bags to Work for Your Brand

Reusable shopping bags are a great promotional item because of their durable, reusable design. When your customers use your custom branded bag they will be reminded of your company and the products or services you provide, so your branding message will be reinforced. These custom bags will also function like signs, so when your customers carry your branded bag they will basically be carrying a sign spreading your branding message to everyone they encounter.

Customize the Design of Your Bags to Showcase Your Brand

When ordering our custom shopping bags, you can select the size to create a bag that is exactly what you want. Increase or decrease the size of the gusset or front and back panels to alter the storage capacity. Select the length of the handles or add pockets or a key ring to build function into your bag design. Full-color printing on all sides means you can make your marketing message pop.

We can color match to your corporate colors, so your reusable bags will perfectly match the rest of your marketing pieces.

Ensure Your Marketing Is Aligned with Your Green Objectives

Reusable bags are a green marketing item because by being reusable they eliminate the need and use of single-use or disposable bags. Single-use bags are a drain on nonrenewable resources, and are seldom disposed of in a responsible way, which further compounds their negative environmental impact.

One reusable bag can do the job of thousands of disposable bags, making reusable shopping bags very eco-friendly. Our custom reusable bags are recyclable, so when the time comes they can be responsibly recycled, minimizing your brand’s carbon footprint.

Ready to Place Your Order? We’re Here to Help! We Are The Factory!

Let us know if you have any questions about the custom shopping bags, our capabilities or placing your order. Because of our factory direct model, you will get the lowest price possible!

Our talented team is at the ready to assist, answer your questions and help in any way possible. Get in touch by calling 866-222-0949, or you can request a quote through this page.

You can also create your custom bag in 4 easy steps!


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