5 Cool Eco Friendly Facts to Share About Recycled Bags

Recycled Bags: So Much More Than a Way to Carry Your Groceries

Recycled Bags: So Much More Than a Way to Carry Your Groceries

Recycled Bags: So Much More Than a Way to Carry Your Groceries

All reusable bags have their merits, but recycled bags have a cool eco-history.  Recycled bags’ back story makes them seem almost more eco-friendly than other reusable bags since their raw materials started out in not so eco ways but despite the odds, they were recycled and given a second (or third, or more) go around. Here are 5 cool eco-facts about recycled bags that are sure to make you want to stock up on these environmentally friendly options.

5 Cool Eco-Facts About Recycled Bags

  1. You Can Close the Loop and Recycle Your Recycled Bag When It’s Worn Out

    Like everything else, your recycled reusable bags will experience wear and tear. Typically you can expect to get 3 – 5 years of dependable use, but ultimately it depends on how much you use your bags. When the time comes and your recycled bags are past their usefulness, you can close the loop by recycling them, keeping them out of a landfill, and starting the process all over again.

  2. Keep Trash Out of Landfills

    Whenever material can be directed away from a landfill and given a new purpose that’s good news. As more and more non-biodegradable garbage accumulates in landfills, the heaps just grow larger and larger and the problem is getting out of hand. When materials like metal, glass and plastic are recycled they are kept out of landfills, and to be honest they never belonged in a landfill to begin with – if a material still has life in it and has a function it should be transformed into something useful like a recycled bag.

  3. Help the Environment by Reusing Your Recycled Bag to Save Energy

    Every time you use your recycled bag, instead of a single use plastic bag, you are preventing plastic bags from being put into circulation, so that means less plastic bags in landfills, polluting the planet and using energy to create them.

  4. Bags Can Be Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles and Other Neat Materials

    So many different materials can be recycled and turned into post consumer waste materials like trash bags and plastic utensils suitable for recycled bags. RPET for instance is made from recycled plastic water bottles. How awesome is that?

  5. Recycled Bags Can Save You Money

    Ok, so you won’t save enough money to retire early, but a lot of retailers offer a discount to customers who bring their own reusable bags. The single use plastic bags handed out at the register are paid for by the store and their cost is factored into the prices, so if you’re not using their bags, a lot of stores give you a price break. The going rate is 5 cents per bag. Given that the prices of everything seem to always be on the rise, saving maybe 50 cents every time you shop can help buy you a free lunch for you and a friend each year.

Feel Good, Do Good, Go Recycled with Your Reusable Bag

Recycled tote bags are an environmental lifesaver since they offer a new purpose for materials that have outlived their initial usefulness. Opting to carry your purchases home in a recycled bag is an environmentally responsible decision that is good for the planet and your bottom line


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