3 Retailers That Help Consumers Kick the Plastic Bag Habit

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These 3 Retailers Help You Shop Smart with Reusable Shopping Bags to Help Save the Planet

Plastic pollution is a very real problem. The world’s oceans are rapidly filling up with litter, primarily plastic; and it can interfere with animals, their habitats, and the food chain. Plastic can be useful, but there are lots of times when plastic is just not necessary. When you reduce the amount of plastic you use, and recycle the plastic you do use, it can add up and have an impact. If you really want to make a difference, you can throw your support behind retailers that are also doing their part to reduce the use of plastic and help consumers kick the plastic bag habit.

  1. Adidas Did Away with Plastic Bags in Their Stores

    On Earth Day 2016, Adidas announced that they were phasing out plastic bags. Customers will be given the option to carry their purchase home in paper bags, although if a customer does not need a bag they are not obligated to take one. When shopping at an Adidas retail location it is best to bring your own reusable retail shopping bags to carry your gear home. Prior to this transition, Adidas handed out roughly 70 million plastic bags per year. Now that they’ve stopped using plastic bags that translates into less trash, increased awareness, and cleaner oceans.

  2. IKEA Bagged Plastic Bags

    Way back in 2007, IKEA decided to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags in their stores. Customers were encouraged to purchase IKEA’s reusable shopping bags for $0.59 or bring their own reusable shopping bags. If shoppers wanted they could purchase disposable plastic bags for $0.05. All of the money collected by this fee was donated to environmental causes. The goal was to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags by 50% in one year. When the results were tallied IKEA reduced the use of single-use plastic bags by 92%.

  3. Aldi Strives to Save Their Customers Money and Save Resources

    Aldi does not stock disposable bags. By not carrying disposable bags they save money, which means they can keep their prices down, and in turn, help their customers. Reusable shopping bags are available for sale in order for customers to carry their goods home. Shoppers are encouraged to bring their Aldi, or other branded reusable shopping bags with them when they shop.

Your Support Can Help Make a Difference

Reducing the amount of plastic you use can seriously benefit the environment. When you support businesses that also work to help the planet you can allow them to further their goals, and increase their impact. Whether you’re shopping for sneakers, athletic gear, furniture, home goods, groceries, or more, remember to bring your reusable shopping bags, and when possible try to shop with like-minded retailers.

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