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  • Why Should You Replace Plastic Bags with Reusable Grocery Bags

    Single-use plastic bags offer a certain level of convenience, but there are so many benefits to bring your own reusable grocery bags along when you go shopping. From cost savings to conserving resources and helping marine life switching to reusable shopping bags can make a big difference.
  • Paper, Plastic or Something Better?

    Deciding which type of bag to carry your purchases home from the store in isn’t the sort of decision that needs a lot of consideration, but you still have options to think over. The next time the clerk at the store asks you if you want paper or plastic, why not ask for something better?
  • Back To School Eco Special for Your Marketing

    Reusable bags are proven to effectively spread your marketing message and deliver a great ROI, or return on your investment. A well-made reusable bag can deliver years of use, so your customized reusable bag will be reminding your customers about your brand while also increasing your brand awareness with people who see your customers carrying your branded bag. For a limited time as the new school year is bearing down we are offering a back to school eco special.
  • 5 Ways to a Greener Tradeshow Exhibit

    Tradeshows have earned the reputation for being rough on the environment. Basically, this is rooted in the disposable nature of tradeshows. Many companies exhibit in one or two shows a year and materials used to construct the booth, displays, signs and furniture may only be used for those one or two shows. The rest is left in the convention hall where it is picked up and carted off to a landfill. Things don’t have to be like this! As our CMO, Shane Shirley explained in a recent guest post for TSNN, there are ways to make your tradeshow exhibit green.
  • The Negative Consequences of Honolulu’s Plastic Bag Ban On The Environment

    Just a couple weeks into their single-use plastic bag ban folks in Honolulu noticed something wasn’t right – some stores were still distributing plastic bags. Honolulu’s bag ban technically prohibits stores from handing out plastic bags that are thinner than 2.25 mils. The plastic bags being handed out now are in fact thicker, so they are allowed under the ban. These thicker bags are billed as reusable since they are durable.
  • The Truth About Plastic

    There are a lot of traits of plastic that are convenient. Plastic is lightweight, durable and non-porous, which are all great characteristic for packaging. Unfortunately, the drawbacks for plastic are so overwhelming bag they outweigh these great benefits.
  • Want the Hottest Trends in Custom Reusable Bags?

    You know a reusable bag will be a good fit for your brand, but while the ability to customize the design of your branded bag is a great feature, sometimes it can be a challenge to know where to begin. With this in mind our amazing head of design at Factory Direct Promos, Lucas, took a lot of time and effort to create our 2015 design book and catalog. This download brings you the hottest and trendiest custom bags of the market this year and will be just the thing to jumpstart your creativity.
  • Do Bag Bans Do More Harm Than Good?

    There isn’t a clear and easy answer to that question. Disposable plastic bag bans are intended to stop the use of plastic bags in order to reduce the negative environmental impact. As some cities have found out there can be some unintended consequences of passing a bag ban.
  • Do Consumers Really Care About Banning Bags?

    You bet they do and research shows they are internally motivated to do so. Like anything new it takes time for shoppers to get used to a disposable plastic bag ban or fee, but once customers have a routine and get into the habit of bringing their reusable bags when they go to the store people begin to really support the measure and can see the value it brings.
  • 5 Strategies for Marketing That Works for Millennials

    The most basic description of Millennials are people born between the years 1977 and 1995, 5 Ways to Market to Millenials but that’s really just the beginning of everything there is to know when it comes to this dominant demographic. Millennials are on the verge of accounting for one third of all retail spending and will soon make up 50 percent of the workforce.

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