10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Corporate Event’s Carbon Footprint

You don’t have to be a Green company to put effort into lowering your event’s carbon footprint; you just have to be a responsible one. With so many moving parts when putting together a corporate event, the event’s CO² emissions may be last on the list. A little effort, goes a long way.  Here are 10 simple ways to green your corporate events.


  1. Eco Information

    Prior to the event, email guests providing information on public transportation and local eco-friendly hotels.

  2. Location. Location. Location.

    Choose a local that doesn’t require long flights. Cutting down on travel is one of the best ways to minimize the carbon footprint of an event.

  3. The Venues

    Select venues with strong energy efficiency programs.

  4. Go paperless

    When providing company information, use e-brochures or provide documents on an Eco-friendly USB drive that doubles as a promo product for your company.

  5. Serve Locally Grown Food

    Less travel time means less emissions and fresh foods. Keep the menus low-carbon by serving less meat and more vegan options.

  6. Avoid Disposable Plastics

    Use reusable dinnerware or for more low key events, choose compostable plates, utensils, food containers & biodegradable trash bags.

  7. Ditch Bottled Water

    Use water from pitchers and biodegradable cups or provide reusable bottles with your company logo.

  8. Help Them Help You

    Provide recycling bins & compost bins for guests to follow through on all your Eco efforts.

  9. The Swag Bag

    Provide Eco-friendly reusable bags with your company logo to hold gifts or giveaways.

  10. Don’t invite so many people

    Try to keep the invite list to a targeted audience that can benefit from the event and vice versa.

Do you have more ideas on how to green an event? Please comment & share!



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