10 Easy Ways to Help Mother Earth

10 Easy Ways to Help Mother Earth

10 Easy Ways to Give a Helping Hand to Mother Earth

There are so many things you can do to help the Mother Earth from from making small, everyday changes to making bigger changes that require more of your time.  What is important to remember is that everything adds up and has an impact – from efforts to conserve electricity, to reduce carbon emissions and even how you dispose of items you no longer need.

We’ve rounded up 10 easy ways to help Mother Earth in order to motivate you to do your part. If everyone picked up just one habit from this list we could start some serious change. Read on to learn more and get inspired.

10 Easy Ways to Help Mother Earth

  1. Go Reusable. Disposable plastic bags cause so much environmental harm from the use of nonrenewable resources to the damage and destruction of ecosystems as well as the death of wildlife. Take these bags out of commission by making the switch to reusable shopping bags in your personal life as well as in your marketing and10 Easy Ways to Give a Helping Hand to Mother Earth do the planet a favor.
  2. Recycle Everything Possible. When you recycle items you give new life to the materials. Recycling rates are relatively high for materials like metal, paper and glass, and while it is important to keep this up look for other materials that can be recycled. Fabric, electronics, rubber and so many other materials can (and should) be recycled.
  3. Buy Local. When you purchase items that are grown and manufactured nearby that translates into less pollution emitted than would be the case if you purchased items from far away areas that were trucked in. From farmer’s markets to shops and boutiques that feature nearby artisans buying from local manufacturers help the planet and your community.
  4. Donate Old Items. Just because you no longer have use for an item doesn’t mean it needs to end up in the trash. From clothing to electronics to furniture and more, when you no longer need or want something, find a charitable organization looking for donations that can put these items to good use.
  5. Conserve Water. Reduction efforts protect drinking water which is in a limited supply. Cutting some time off your shower and not running the water while brushing your teeth can save gallons each day and have a big impact just over the course of a year.
  6. Plant a Tree. Trees convert greenhouse gases into breathable oxygen, help prevent soil erosion and when planted close to your home can lend some shade that will help cut cooling costs in the warmer months.
  7. Have a Plan for Paper. There will always be times when paper is necessary, but using recycled paper and recycling can have a big impact. Make a plan like placing recycling bins by trash and opting into paperless statements for all of your bills, using e-tickets when traveling or attending sporting events and concerts.
  8. Travel Green. When possible use public transportation and ride share to minimize carbon emissions. Also make sure to keep your car in good running condition because regular maintenance, clean filters and properly inflated tires will extend the life of your vehicle and minimize its impact on the environment.
  9. Telecommute. Even if you are able to work from home just one day a week that can really add up through reduced carbon emissions and conserving resources at the office. Resources like Google Hangouts make it easy to stay connected when distance separates you and many employees even indicate higher levels of productivity when working remotely due to fewer distractions.
  10. Save Electricity. From hanging clothes to air dry, switching off lights when not in use, waiting to charge electronics until the battery is drained and using energy-efficient appliances, you can greatly reduce the amount of electricity you use and in turn the amount of resources used to generate electricity.

So that’s our list but we would like to know what ways you have found to help Mother Earth? Do you have tips that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments!

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