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Save Big As Your Promote Your Brand

Promotional marketing is a proven way to increase awareness and recognition of your brand and to do so for a great price. Make your marketing budget stretch even further by checking out our latest eco special! Now through February 14, 2019, you can receive a discounted price when you order any of our new promotional items and best sellers. Save a minimum of 5 percent on orders totaling $500 – $999, and save 10 percent on orders totaling over $1,000!

Constant Reminder

Promotional marketing is so effective because it is always working and always promoting your brand. Other forms of advertising, like print or media ads, have limited runs, so the impact can be fleeting. Promotional products are constant reminders. When your customers have branded reusable bags or other products those items will get your customers thinking about your brand every time they use it. Your customers will create a positive association with your brand the more they use your branded gear.

Keeping your brand front of mind with your customers is plenty of reason to put promotional marketing to work for your brand, but that’s not the only benefit. Custom reusable bags put your branding message on display for others to see. When your customers use your branded bags they will essentially endorse your brand to their family, friends, coworkers, complete strangers and anyone else who sees your branded promotional product in action.

Go Green

Taking your marketing green is good for the planet and good for your brand. Many consumers prefer to work with brands that take steps to implement green practices. The reusable nature of our custom promotional products along with recycled content cements the green status of these items.

Find the Right Promotional Product

The right promotional product for your customers needs to be something that appeals to your audience. The better suited the item is to your demographic, the greater the odds of your customers keeping the item and using it. From a variety of reusable bag styles to electronics, homeware items and more, we have a wide selection of products in this sale.

From brand new offerings to some tried-and-true favorites, there is something for every demographic is this eco special. Check out the catalog to learn more and find the right promotional product for your brand!

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With almost 30 years of experience creating custom reusable bags, we’ve learned how to streamline the process. Our commitment to sustainability and quality guide our business and we’ve earned a variety of distinctions along the way, including GOTS, Fairtrade, ISO 9001-2015, and FEDEX, as a result.



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