Helping The Planet with Plastic Straw Alternatives

plastic straw alternatives

How to Find the Right Straw for the Job

Plastic straws are bad for the planet, and many cities have taken steps to ban plastic straws, with more bans in the works. Earlier this week, we explained why plastic straws are bad. Now we want to take time to look at eco-friendly and safe alternatives to plastic straws.

Plastic Straw Bans

Seattle and Washington D.C. have both passed bans on disposable plastic straws. Several other cities and counties throughout the U.S. have passed similar bans or are working towards similar bans. The thought is that by banning plastic straws, there will be less plastic trash in the waste stream and, more importantly, less plastic trash in the oceans.

Making Things Easier

Drinking straws are a convenience item for a lot of people. Straws make it easy to drink from a to-go cup while driving without making a mess or slowly sip a milkshake without getting a brain freeze. In many instances, people can do without when faced with a plastic straw ban. This is not the case for everyone. Many people with disabilities rely on drinking straws.

Banning plastic straws is great for the planet, but many people still need straws. Here are several plastic straw alternatives.

Stainless-Steel Straws

When it comes to durability, stainless-steel straws are an excellent choice. Drinking straws made from stainless steel can deliver years of dependable use and are dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean.

Silicone Straws

These 10-inch custom logo silicone straws are made from food-grade silicone and can stand up to regular use. These reusable straws can be washed and used again and again. The soft material is gentle, making these straws great for children to use.

These flexible collapsible straws fold into a compact pouch, meaning they can easily be taken along on the go. The pouch can be customized with your branding information, making these straws an eco-friendly and practical promotional product.

Promote Your Business with Straws

We have been in the business of creating custom reusable products for almost 30 years. During this time, we have demonstrated our firm commitment to both sustainability and quality. Our certifications include GOTS, Fairtrade, ISO 9001-2015, and FEDEX. We can easily fulfill orders for small and large organizations that order anywhere between 250 and 10 million pieces per year. Shop for eco-friendly straws that consumers want and promote your brand while you help the planet.

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