Eco-Friendly Promotional Products, Do U.S. Consumers Care?

Do Eco-Friendly Promotional Products Matter to U.S. Consumers?

The newest ASI Impression study is out and as always the results shine a light on the value and impact of customized eco-friendly promotional products. There are so many different types of promotional products available, with each product offering its own unique advantages.

Ultimately a customized promotional item is only valuable if it appeals to your customers. One trait that gives value and increased credibility to all promotional products is that items eco- friendly impact. Consumers who have eco-friendly promotional products are more likely to support and engage with that brand.

The Eco-Friendly Impact of a Promotional Product Matters

Forty Two percent of respondents to the ASI Impression study report having a more favorable opinion of a company if their promotional product is environmentally friendly. This is a staggering amount. The study also shows that eco-friendly promotional products make a stronger impact among younger demographics. A stunning 58 percent of respondents age 18-24, and 57 percent of those age 25-34 are more likely to support a company that promotes themselves using eco-friendly gear.

What Makes a Promotional Product Eco-Friendly?

There are a couple factors that make a marketing item eco-friendly. Reusable products are made to be durable, so they can be used again and again. If the promo item reduces the need and use of single-use items it has a positive impact on the environment. Items like reusable grocery bags and reusable mugs eliminate the need for disposable alternatives. This means less trash headed for landfills or ending up as litter.

The material used to construct a promotional item is also a determining factor when it comes to the eco qualities. Promotional products made from recycled or sustainable materials are much more eco-friendly. Utilizing recycled content gives a new purpose to existing materials. Promotional items made from recycled materials can also be recycled once they have fulfilled their usefulness, for an even greater environmental impact.

Sustainable materials are plant based, such as fabric made from cotton, jute or even bamboo. What makes sustainable materials eco-friendly is that the plants can be grown, harvested and processed into a fabric continuously. Sustainable materials also safely breakdown, so if they end up in a landfill there is no ill effect. Many sustainable items can also be recycled.

Let Eco-Friendly Promotional Products Speak for Your Brand

Your promotional items are a reflection of your brand. How you choose to promote your brand speaks to your brand’s ideals and beliefs. Green and eco-friendly promotional products send a message that your brand is aware of your environmental impact and willing to do right by the planet. Have you thought about promoting your brand with an eco-friendly marketing item? We can help. Get in touch.


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