The Top Multi-Family Marketing Tool That’s Eco-Friendly Too

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How to Help Tenants and the Planet

Multi-family dwellings, like apartments, condos, and townhomes typically have very low recycling rates. The inability to recycle means residents toss recyclable items in the trash because that is their only option. This places a burden on the local waste stream, contributes to landfills reaching capacity much quicker, and means a lot of valuable resources are lost to the recycling and manufacturing industries.

This does not need to happen thanks to our reusable recycling bags. These bags make it easy for tenants in multi-family dwellings to recycle. We have talked in the past about the benefits of reusable recycling bags. Now we want to explain what makes reusable recycling bags eco-friendly and an effective marketing tool.

Why Recycle

Recycling prevents items that still have a value from ending up in landfills. Recycling is beneficial for property management businesses because it may keep costs down. When everything is tossed into the trash, the dumpsters will fill up much quicker, so they will need to be emptied more often.

Increasing recycling will slow the rate the trash dumpsters fill up, which means pickups can happen less frequently. This will save the building management business money. Some municipalities even charge more for trash pickup, so reducing the amount of trash can be cost-effective and good for the planet.

Creating a Solution

The reason recycling rates in multi-family dwellings is so low is because there is not an easy way for tenants to recycle. Reusable recycling bags change that. Tenants can use these bags to collect items for recycling and easily carry those items to a collection bin or dedicated dumpster.

Reusable recycling bags essentially do the job of the bulky bins used in most curbside recycling programs. While those bins work great in single-family homes, they just don’t work in multi-family dwellings.

Effective Design

Reusable recycling bags were designed to make recycling easy because when recycling is easy tenants will recycle. Case studies have shown recycling rates increase by as much as 77% within three years after the implementation of reusable recycling bags.

The bags are made from recycled content that has a smooth, laminated finish. This finish repels food and water and wipes down for easy cleaning. The smooth finish also protects against stains.

Dual handles make it easy to hang the bags on a hook, doorknob, or chair so the bags are within reach. The long handles also allow the bags to be worn over a shoulder for hands-free carrying. The convenient Sure Grip handle on the bottom of the bag makes it easy to empty the contents into a collection bin.

Promote Your Message

Reusable recycling bags are designed to help promote recycling in more ways than one. The actual construction of the bags aids in recycling, but you can also print custom artwork on the exterior of the bags to help educate and inform tenants about recycling.

This artwork can also promote your property management, waste management, or other types of businesses.

Create Your Own Reusable Recycling Bags

We have been making custom reusable bags for several decades and we are ready to help you create your very own custom reusable recycling bags. We are ISO certified and we make it easy to design custom bags that will help increase recycling rates while saving money and promoting your business.

Our bags are certified reusable which means they are designed to deliver dependable results while being eco-friendly.

Learn more about creating your customized reusable recycling bags for marketing and get your customized quote.


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