Kauai County Ban on Single-Use Plastic Takes Hold of Government Purchases

Hawaiian landscape with overlay caption: Kauai County Ban on Single-Use Plastic Takes Hold of Government Purchases

Big Changes Impact County-Owned Properties and Facilities

A new policy took effect in Kauai County with the start of the new year. This policy is a very specific plastic ban that will drastically reduce the amount of trash generated and will also have an impact on events held in the county.

Single-use plastic bag bans are good for the planet, but plastic bans also create an increased need for reusable items, like reusable shopping bags.

Your county could be next in implementing this the of ban. Here is what you need to know about the new plastic ban in Kauai County.

History of Bag Bans

Single-use plastic bag bans are nothing new to Kauai County. As of January 11, 2011, plastic bags were banned in all retail establishments in Kauai County. These businesses can only provide recyclable paper bags or reusable bags.

This ban was enacted as a way to reduce trash and the damaging effects plastic litter can have on marine life and their habitats.

Increased Efforts to Reduce Disposable Plastic Items

Back in February of 2020, Mayor Derek Kawakami signed Kauai’s latest plastic ban into law. The new plastic ban prohibits the purchase, use, and distribution of single-use plastic items, like water bottles, straws, and bags at county-owned properties and facilities. The plastic bag also extends to events that require a county permit.

“It’s not going to be like somebody who goes to the beach and has a water bottle,” said Allison Fraley, acting solid waste chief for the county Department of Public Works. “That is not who it’s going to apply to, but for events that require a permit or for contractors that the county contracts with or grants that the county gives out that would be part of the grant.”

What This Means for the Rest of Hawaii

All of the counties in Hawaii have taken significant steps to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags and other disposable items.

The bag ban movement spread throughout most of the counties in Hawaii one by one. This is how things work in Hawaii.

In addition to the bag bans, foam food containers, also known as Styrofoam, have also been banned one by one in each of the counties in Hawaii.

Kauai County will be the last county in the Aloha state to implement their Styrofoam ban in 2022.

With this trend firmly established, it seems likely that other Hawaiin counties, and even counties on the mainland, will implement their own version of plastic bans before long.

Going Plastic Free in Hawaii

Reusable bags are already in demand throughout Hawaii, but the new ban in Kauai County will only increase the demand for reusable plastic items.

If this plastic ban spreads to the other Hawaiian counties, which is very likely to happen, then the demand for custom reusable grocery shopping bags will only increase. That makes now the perfect time to order your own custom reusable shopping bags.

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Effective Marketing

Plastic litter is a detriment that is an eyesore, damaging to the local economy, and causes harm to wildlife.

Eliminating single-use plastic bags solves a lot of problems while also creating an opportunity to effectively market your brand.

Reusable bags customized with your branding information will be a constant reminder of your business while also creating a positive association. Your customers will realize that you are helping them by providing a thoughtful promotional item but you are also helping the planet and their community by doing your part to help reduce plastic trash and litter.

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Let’s Go Plastic Free in 2021

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