How Science Will Help You Remember Your Reusable Bags

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Make Easy Work of Quickly Forming a Habit

Introducing a new habit is hard work. You start out with the best of intentions to change your ways, but after a few days, weeks or months you find yourself right back where you started. The struggle is real and it is frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Remembering your reusable bags is a great example of a habit that many people struggle to incorporate into their regular routine. The solution to establishing a habit lies in science and with a variety of tips and tricks you can make easy work of remembering your reusable bags.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Make it easy to remember your reusable bags by leaving them in a visible spot where you will see them next time you need them. So, as soon as you get home and unpack your groceries go ahead and wipe down any spills or messes. Then fold your bags and leave them by your front door or in your car or where ever makes the most sense for you. Ensuring your reusable bags are ready to go and in a place where you will seem them greatly increase the odds of you remembering to grab your bags next time you need them.

Leaving yourself reminders is another way to set yourself up for success. Write yourself a note on the top of your grocery list. Or you can write yourself a sticky note and leave it on your door or in another spot where you are likely to see it. If you know you are going to go shopping at a specific time, set a reminder or alarm on your phone.

Think Positive

Rewards are an effective method to reinforce positive behavior which can work wonders when establishing a habit. Thinking about the reward can be the motivation you need to do what is necessary to accomplish the task at hand and create a habit. Rewards may be an effective strategy for some habits, but it may be a bit much to reward yourself for remembering your reusable bags every time you shop.

The benefits of the reward method are two-fold. You get the actual reward, but you also feel a sense of accomplishment. Mimic the reward strategy by rewarding yourself mentally when you remember your reusable bags. As you carry your packed reusable bags out of the store, take a moment to mentally congratulate yourself for remembering your bags. This may seem really minor and even silly, but this positive thought process can be enough of a reward to reinforce this habit.

Go Easy On Yourself

Despite a positive mindset, a bunch of sticky notes and any other strategies you implement, you will still forget your reusable bags from time to time. That’s fine. Failure, or in this case, forgetting your bags on occasion, is natural. Accept it and move on and try to remember your reusable bags next time.

Get Started Creating Habits

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