Eco-Friendly Fundraiser for Schools

Looking for an Eco-Friendly Idea for a School Fundraiser That Everyone Will Love?

With kids going back to school this month and next, we all know that school fundraisers will be here before you know it. Fundraisers help raise money that is key to financing a lot of programs that help students and staff get the resources they need to have a successful school year. If you’re looking for something new and different for your next school fundraiser that is eco-friendly and will be a great money maker, consider our eco-friendly reusable lunch bags that kids can customize.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Lunch Bags Kids Can Customize Are A Favorite of Both Parents and Kids and Make a Great School Fundraiser

Reusable lunch bags kids can customize make a great eco-friendly school fundraiser item because they are functional and environmentally friendly since they can be used again and again eliminating the need for single-use lunch bags. Lunch bags are also a proven hit since most students bring their own lunch to school at least some of the time and what student doesn’t want to personalize everything?

Our reusable lunch bags are 7” x 9” x 4” which is a great size for carrying lunch to school and they feature a non-woven trim accent in a variety of colors – so you can select a color that matches your school colors. These reusable lunch bags feature a fold-over flap that has a hook-and-loop closure to keep items secure in the bag and the 19” handles ensure easy carrying. What really sets these reusable lunch bags apart is that the surface of the bag can be decorated with markers, crayons or colored pencils, so kids can decorate their bag to really make it their own.

Raise Money and  Word Out with Reusable Bags

These lunch cooler bags feature a one color one location imprint included, so you can brand the bag with the school’s logo or mascot on one side and leave the rest of the space open for students to personalize with their artwork. When purchasing our reusable lunch bags you have the choice of selecting from our in stock selection or our custom bulk order wholesale option.

Our in stock selection is the better fit if you require a quick turnaround and need a lower quantity, but if you need higher bulk order of lunch cooler bags, we can provide wholesale pricing, the tradeoff is that our wholesale orders require a longer lead time (60 – 90 days) and a higher minimum order. Another perk of working with our wholesale pricing is that you can customize the bag if you’d like to add pockets on the outside for a reusable water bottle (we can help with you design those as well), or add a double compartment inside for hot and cold items. Really, we can help you create any design you would like.

Our reusable lunch bag was designed to be useful and functional, but maybe you want to change up the design – replace the touch fastener with snap closure or make the handle longer or shorter or maybe you have a different idea (seriously, we can find a way to do whatever you can dream up). When you work with us and we work directly with the factory, you can make whatever changes you’d like to your bag – all at an incredibly low wholesale prices, so your fundraiser will be a success.

We Make It Easy and Are Here to Help You Make Your Fundraiser a Success

If you have questions or if you’re interested in ordering our reusable lunch bag as is or if you want to look into further customizing the bag, fill out a quick quote and our talented design team can help you out and get your order started right away.



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