Dye Sublimation Bags Get Your Brand Noticed

Make a Marketing Impact

Custom reusable bags are an effective marketing tool, but our dye sublimation bags tend to stand out from the rest. Bright, vivid colors on the entire surface ensure your branding message is seen. Learn more about this printing process, which types of materials provide the best surface and how to create cost-effective and eye-catching promotional bags using dye sublimation.

What is Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a printing process that uses heat and pressure to transfer digital images onto a substrate. The dye permanently bonds with the fabric and resists fading, cracking and peeling. The quality is extremely high and the result can feature vivid, photo-quality imagery. Dye sublimation also supports a full range of colors.

Compatible Fabrics

Dye sublimation works best on smooth fabrics with a tight weave. This type of surface provides enough material for the dye to bond with and create a consistent image. Any of our non-woven laminated and non-laminated tote bags are ideal for dye sublimation printing. These fabrics can be used to make tote bags or drawstring bags for versatile promotional options.

Make a Major Impact

Dye sublimation allows for edge-to-edge printing, which means an entire panel, and even an entire bag, can be printed. This increases the effectiveness of your marketing message being seen. The artwork can wrap around the bag and cover all sides, including the bottom. The larger the artwork the more information can be relayed.

The range of colors available is a major perk of creating promotional bags using the dye sublimation process. A diverse color palette can be used to create dramatic bags that stand out and make a statement. The artwork can be interesting and intricate, or it can include useful tidbits, like contact info, a web address or other handy information.

The Price is Right

Lots of factors determine the final price of a custom bag order, from the style of the bag to the type of printing to the quantity. Dye sublimation bags can run as low as $2.44 per bag, while other styles can be $4 per bag. This price gets you promotional products that will work to effectively market your brand for many years. Since the ink bonds to the fabric, during the dye sublimation process, this means the artwork will stand and continue to look amazing and promote your brand for many years to come.

The larger your order the lower the price per bag, so keep this in mind when tallying up how many dye sublimation bags to purchase. Determine how many bags you expect to hand out at a trade show and also consider if there are other events you plan to attend for which you could use the same takeaway. Increasing the size of your order is only cost-effective if you have a need for all of the dye sublimation bags in your order, but this is a strategy to secure the best price possible.

The Perfect Fit

With 20 plus years in the business, Factory Direct Promos makes it easy to design your custom dye sublimation bags. Get a quote for dye sublimation bags and kick up your marketing to get your brand remembered.


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