Ditching Grocery Delivery Packaging for Reusable Bags

Ditching Grocery Delivery Packaging for Reusable Bags

The Way We Grocery Shop Is Changing. Delivery Packaging Should Too.

With the ongoing rise of interconnectivity in our world and a seemingly never-ending to-do list, the convenience of technology is trickling into life’s routines. Take grocery shopping for example, which is something that has always been a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly task that demanded your physical presence. The foot traffic in supermarkets across the world was consistent because that’s just the way things were.

While grocery shopping has been slower to adapt to technological advancements, it’s starting to gain more traction. According to data from a November 2016 survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, 7.7% of U.S. consumers shopped for groceries online in a 30-day window. That was up from just 2% in 2014.

Due to the pairing of online ordering with home and business deliveries, there is potential for online grocery shopping to open more doors for eco-friendly bag usage. Below, we explore the rising online grocery shopping market as well as the role that we expect single-use plastic bags and reusable grocery bags to play in the future.

How We Shop for Groceries is Changing

In a report from Neilsen, the home delivery model that pairs with online grocery shopping was referred to as “The Return of the Milkman.” In the report, Nielsen says, “One-quarter of global respondents are already ordering grocery products online for home delivery, and more than half (55%) are willing to use it in the future. The milkman is back, but this time he’s gone digital.”

Fast-forward to today. According to a 2017 FMI-Nielsen report, online grocery spending is expected to continue growing throughout the 2016-2025 forecast period. Currently, online grocery shopping is sitting at 4.3 percent of the total U.S. food and beverage sales. That number is expected to grow to as much as a 20 percent share by the conclusion of that forecast period. In the event that these numbers are reached, that means the online grocery shopping market will result in $100 billion of annual consumer sales. Compare that to last year, when online grocery sales were about $20.5 billion.

Considering How the Groceries Arrive

The method of delivery for groceries is important to take into consideration because the pace of online grocery shopping is growing. Single-use plastic bags, which are commonly used for home and business grocery deliveries, continue to have negative effects on our environment. Reusable options will be beneficial in this space moving forward.

If a customer shops for groceries every other week, and frequently leaves the grocery store with 10-15 plastic bags, those numbers add up to a significant total over the course of a year. At a minimum, you would be responsible for 260 single-use plastic bags per year. This is similar to the experience of online shopping. Groceries can appear on your doorstep in single-use plastic bags or plastic foam containers for transportation. At this point, it isn’t the consumers’ decision. The responsibility of making eco-friendly decisions falls to the brand, but the benefits of switching to reusable for home deliveries outweigh the negatives.

Here’s why. Brands will gain an opportunity to spread their message to customers by putting a reusable bag in their hands. Any extra charge can be worked into the ordering process with ease. Single-use plastic bags being phased out will lead to a cleaner planet. Grocery shopping is a fact of life, and eliminating the reliance on plastic bags will go a long way.

Shifting to Reusable Benefits Everyone Involved

Doors are opened by making a shift to reusable bags for the grocery delivery process. They can be included in an exchange program or additional promotional offerings that keep customers interested.

Your brand will gain more exposure with each use and provide value to the customer in their weekly routine. The options that we offer for customization are expansive, including a variety of full-color options to choose from. Decide which message you are hoping to convey, and allow our products to do the rest of the work.

As a promotional product, reusable grocery bags can carry your brand’s message while providing your customers with an eco-friendly shopping option. Contact us today to start building yours.


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