Custom Cooler Bags Help Avoid Common Food Delivery Complaints

wholesale custom designed reusable insulated cooler bags with corporate logos and branding in bulk

Custom Cooler Bags Keep Food Delicious Upon Delivery

Food delivery was a stable business prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, it grew in popularity during the pandemic and it’s another change that appears to have staying power. Custom cooler bags have proven to be a very useful tool for food delivery and can improve the customer experience.

Find out how to avoid common consumer complaints about food delivery by creating the perfect custom cooler bag for your restaurant or food delivery service.

Reviewing the Metrics

A recent survey conducted by U.S. Foods breaks down common customer complaints after receiving food delivery.

Understanding these complaints makes it possible to prevent these problems by addressing customer concerns before they become a reality.

The top complaint found in the survey was food not warm and/or fresh upon delivery. Cold or crushed food that is unappealing to look at let alone eat is a major problem that will prevent future orders.

This is an easy fix and we can help. Well-made custom cooler bags for delivery will protect and preserve food so your customers will be happy and ready to eat upon receiving their order.

Built to Fit Your Customer’s Needs

Cooler bags feature insulated fabric that helps maintain the temperature of the food, so cold foods stay cool and hot dishes stay warm.

Handles make it easy to carry the food and prevent tipping while zippers or hook-and-loop closure secures the bag.

Our custom cooler bags can be designed to fit your unique needs and exact specs based on your food and containers.

Everything about our custom cooler bags can be altered to address your needs. Choose the size that will fit your to-go containers and adjust the length of the handles for comfortable carrying. Designing the bag to accommodate your containers will ensure the containers do not tip or spill and food arrives appealing and delicious.

Serve Your Brand

Custom reusable cooler bags will help keep food fresh and cold or hot as needed, but they also show off your branding.

Select the color of the material to match the colors of your business. We can print on all 4 sides and you can choose from the many imprint colors available.

Custom cooler bags will represent your business and put your branding information on display. Not only will your customers see your branding, but everyone who sees your delivery team carrying your branded cooler bags will also see your branding message.

The ability to completely customize the cooler bags to work and function as needed, but also promote your restaurant make it an invaluable tool.

We can help make these bags an even better deal by offering low overseas pricing. We make it easy to create cooler bags that are totally custom for as low as $0.84.

Order Your Way

We offer two ways to order. Our in-stock selection of reusable bags are already assembled and we can easily customize them with your artwork.

Send us your files and we will imprint your branding directly on your bags to make them represent your business. Since the bags are already assembled we can turn them around right away, making our in-stock selection a great option if you need your reusable bags right away.

If you want to create something completely custom or if you want to take advantage of bulk pricing, then you will want to consider our custom and bulk ordering. In this instance, your bags will be made to order so we can make them be whatever you want. Custom and bulk ordering are a great option if you want to create something very unique while also securing a low price per bag.

We’re Here to Help

We pride ourselves in our ability to help our customers while also helping the planet.

We have been helping our customers create custom reusable bags that serve their brand and their customers for over a decade and we want to help you next.

Call us at 1-866-222-0949 or get your custom quote for custom cooler bags.


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