Create a Memorable Direct Mail Piece with Seed Paper Post Cards

Direct mail marketing with seed paper

Looking for a Great Direct Mail Piece? Try Seed Paper

Direct mailings are a very viable way to engage with your customers, but if you really want to make your direct mailer memorable, think about using seed paper for your next post card. Seed paper is simply paper that has seeds embedded in the stock. The paper has a unique feel and look that will immediately grab your customer’s attention.

The paper is intended to be planted either outside, in a planter or in an indoor pot. Since the paper is biodegradable it will safely breakdown, the seeds will germinate and a plant will grow, resulting in a level of engagement that is difficult to achieve otherwise.

Research Shows Direct Mail Has a Place in Our Digital World

Email and social media are very useful platforms to establish and maintain a connection with your customers, vendors and other followers but there is still value to direct mailings. Research has proven that adults aged 18 to 34 are more responsive to direct mail than email and this makes sense.

People get so many emails over the course of a single day that is can become overwhelming to keep up and read each one. By comparison, people receive far fewer direct mailing pieces so they stand out and are more memorable simply because they are something tangible your customers can hold in their hands.

Research done by the Direct Marketing Association shows that 79 percent of consumers react to direct mail immediately, proving people respond to direct mailings.

Make Your Direct Mailing Stand Out

It goes without saying that your direct mailing piece needs to embody your brand and be
consistent with the rest of your marketing pieces. Recipients should be able to recognize the mailer as coming from you immediately, but you should also step up your game and create something that will really stand out and stick with your customers.

There’s a great post on Superior Business Solutions’ site about creating a successful direct mailing campaign. Some of the major takeaways are to get to the point by being brief and concise. Your customers have limited time so work with them and let them know who you are and why you are reaching out. Next, use bait like a free gift or discount that will increase the odds of customers responding to your direct mailing. Also, using QR codes is a great way to give a more traditional direct mailing a digital edge and lead your customers directly to your website on their smartphone or tablet.

Sprout some Eco-Friendly ROI

Direct mailings help your brand engage with your customers and when you utilize seed paper to create a direct mailing post card, you will make your piece, and your company’s messaging, stand out even more. Seed paper lines up with your company’s green goals while also creating a memorable mailing, that if planted, will deliver an even more memorable experience for your customers.

If you have questions about the process, get in touch by filling out a product quote request on every page of our site, and we’ll help you out and have you on your way to creating an eco-friendly marketing tool that will certainly stand out for your customers.


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