3 Ways to Go Green at the Beach This Summer

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How to go green at the beach

Enjoy the Outdoors and Help the Planet

With summer in full swing, a day at the beach can be a great way to spend an afternoon while enjoying the outdoors. The warm sun and the cool water can make for a relaxing time, and while you want to make the most of your time at the beach, you also want to make sure you do right by the environment.

Here are Three Ways to Go Green When You Visit the Beach

  1. Don’t Bring Plastics That Can Be Inadvertently Left Behind and Harm Wildlife

    You always take care to be responsible and not to litter. Litter on the beach can be especially dangerous because there are a lot of birds that may pick up a disposable plastic bag or a plastic utensil that was left behind or the surf can wash items left on the sand into the water and at that point, the item can become a serious danger to marine animals. The best way to make sure you do not leave something that could be potentially harmful to animals and the environment on your trip to the beach is to not bring any such item to begin with. If you pack a lunch or snacks bring reusable plates, utensils, and containers – all items that you can pack up and take with you when you leave, so you can leave the beach as pristine as it was when you arrived.

  2. Bring a Reusable Bag

    When you head to the beach you’re bound to have a lot of gear from towels to sunblock, sunglasses, a good book or magazine, snacks, and more. Make sure to toss all of your beach gear in a reusable bag, so you can easily carry everything in and everything out. A durable bag with comfortable handles will make easy work of loading up and carrying your gear and won’t risk sending a single-use plastic bag out into the environment. And if you’re a business, offer up a great beach bag for your customers to use to spread your branding message. Check out some of our bags here.

  3. Do Not Use Soap or Shampoo at Outdoor Showers

    After spending a day in salt water and sand you may want to rinse off at the showers. If you do take a quick rinse, do not use soap or shampoo. A lot of times outdoor showers drain into the ocean and soap suds (which contain phthalates and parabens) can be harmful to wildlife and delicate ecosystems. Even if the soap is labeled as biodegradable, it’s best to err on the side of caution and just not use it if there is a chance it could be drained into the ocean. By all means, rinse off, but save the soap for when you get home and can take a proper shower.

Have a Day at the Beach but Leave it as You Found It!

A day at the beach can be a great way to unwind and enjoy nature and beautiful weather and with some careful planning and packing, you can make sure to go easy on the environment and leave the beach as perfect and unspoiled for the folks who visit after you and for the animals who call the area home.

Do you have tips for how to go green when you visit the beach? If so, let us know in our comments below!


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