• Are Certified Reusable Bags Better for the Environment Than Plastic Bags?

    To understand the benefits of certified reusable bags on the environment, you need to understand the negative impact of plastic bags. To be fair, plastic bags became popular for good reasons and they were initially manufactured and handed out with the best of intentions. Ultimately, when you weigh the impact of certified reusable bags against the impact of plastic bags, you can see what a better choice a reusable bag really makes.
  • Reusable Grocery Bags? Infographic Shows It's Time to Make The Switch

    Disposable plastic bags may seem like an unremarkable item. They are a convenient way to carry things home from the store and many people do not give them much thought; however, the impact single-use plastic bags can have is staggering. If you haven’t made the switch to reusable grocery bags, this Infographic may change your mind.
  • Things to Put in Your Recycling Bin You May Not Have Thought Of

    The start of the New Year is usually a reflective time, and that got us thinking about recycling, because let’s face it - that’s something we think about a lot here. We try to be mindful about reusing materials, recycling and the amount of trash we generate both at home and at work, and from this came the idea for a year-long blog series we’re calling #WasteNotWantNot.
  • Top 10 Green Posts from 2015

    The past year has been so busy and we’ve learned a lot, and we’ve tried to share all of this information with you in our blog posts each week. As is usually the case at this point in the year we decided to sit back and take stock of the past 12 months, and we’ve rounded up our top 10 green posts, by amount of traffic to each post, from 2015. Read on to get the rundown of these top green posts from 2015.
  • Why Your Business Needs Custom Reusable Bags

    There is so much value to marketing your brand with custom reusable bags. From the eco merits, to the return on your investment, and the increase in brand awareness and recognition, your business has a lot to gain from marketing with custom reusable bags. Customize away and create something that speaks for your business and serves as a reminder to your customers when they grab your branded bag and head out to the store.
  • How Many Plastic Bags are Used Each Year in the U.S.?

    It seems like disposable plastic bags are everywhere. Even with the growth of the bag ban movement, there are still single-use bags balled up under people’s kitchen sinks, stuck in shrubs and trees and floating in rivers, lakes and oceans. The amount of plastic bags unleashed each year, and the impact of this plastic, is staggering.
  • Design Your Custom Reusable Bag For Your Brand In 5 Minutes

    Marketing your business with a custom reusable bag is a proven effective way to get your marketing message seen by hundreds if not thousands of people over the course of many years. There are a lot of ways you can customize your branded bag aside from just having your marketing information printed on the material.
  • Looking For The Best Custom Reusable Bags?

    There certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to selecting the best custom reusable bag to market your brand. There are so many things to consider when designing a branded bag from the style and materials to the size and colors and even the information you have printed on the bags. A lot of things have to come together to create a bag that represents your business and delivers a value that will continue to market your brand for years to come. Here's what to look for to find the best reusable bags for your brand.
  • The Top 10 Cities In The U.S. That Have Banned the Bag

    The bag ban movement really became a full-fledged movement around 2007 and things have continued to pick up momentum ever since. It seems like every week another city (or two, or three) announces their plans to consider banning single-use plastic bags. We track all of this progress on our bag ban map, so if you want to learn more about an individual ban, check it out. We thought we’d round up a list of some of the most significant bag bans to pass in the U.S. to date, so in no particular order here’s out top 10 list.
  • Are Bag Bans The Best Solution to The Plastic Bag Problem? Why Not Recycle?

    In the United States over the last few years, there has been an influx in the debate over regulating disposable plastic bags through fees and bans. Through all of the debate, some of these efforts have been very successful and others have failed. The question becomes, are bag bans the best solution to the plastic bag problem? In order to determine this answer we need to understand the problem.

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