How to Increase Brand Recognition

Want to Increase Brand Recognition? Here’s How

Can people identify your brand and the products and services you provide simply by seeing your logo? Do people recognize your corporate colors? Is your tag line one that is genuine, sticks in people’s minds and works to build a relationship?

There is a lot of value in people recognizing your branding information because people feel comfortable with what they know, and when people know your brand, you are working to build a relationship that makes them more likely to work with you and purchase your products. It’s not hard.

There are several simple things you can do to increase your brand recognition.

Consistency is Key

If you already have a logo, tag line, and established colors, you are well on your way, but if you’re starting out take the time to curate your image. Create a logo that is relevant to your company and select colors that will catch your audience’s attention. Think about why you do what you do and develop a tag line that is genuine and will work to catch your audience’s trust and interest.

Consider outsourcing the design of your branding to a pro. You’ll have to pay for the service, but you will end up with a finished brand image that is polished, professional looking, and will work to increase brand recognition and sales.

Once you’ve established your look stick to it. Make sure your logo appears on your website and all of your communication from newsletters to letterhead to business cards and promotional materials.

Get Out There

Want to Increase Brand Recognition? Here's HowThe more your customers (and potential customers) see your branding the more familiar your brand will become. This familiarity will further entrench your brand with your faithful followers and help raise awareness with people who may not know about you.

You should also work to get your info in front of your demographic with advertising. The key is to find the medium that best suits your audience – advertisements in trade publications, magazines, billboards, social media, or websites will all get the job done, but make sure to select the outlet the most appeals to your target demographic. Your ads will start and maintain a rapport with your customers, so make sure to set the tone and create a presence.

Put Your Promotional Tools to Good Use

plastic_pollution_coalitionIf you print your company’s logo and branding information on a reusable item to hand out at a trade show or industry event, or even if you sell these items on your web site, you will again establish your brand with your audience and work to build that relationship that is so necessary in today’s marketplace.

What is great about marketing with customized products is that your customers are usually excited to get their hands on your promotional item.  And, when they carry your reusable bag or pen or whatever item you choose to create, your customers act like mobile billboards and will essentially endorse your brand to their family, friends, coworkers and even complete strangers who see them carrying and using your branded product. There is a great deal of branding value in marketing your brand with customized promotional products.

Let’s Get It Started!

When working to increase brand recognitions you need to establish and maintain consistent branding, so when people see your logo and promotional materials they’ll know it’s you. Failure to consistently use your branding may lead to confusion and is a mistake brands often make, so it is key to always use your logo, tag line, and colors in a unified and constant manner throughout all of your marketing and sales channels.

Get noticed and use your branding info in well placed advertisements that will keep you relevant with your customers and don’t underestimate the usefulness of customizing promotional materials like reusable bags and other items with your marketing info. When people see your info they’ll be reminded of your company and your brand.

Do you have ideas or suggestions for ways to increase your brand recognition? Let us know in the comments and be sure to stick around and check out our options for eco-friendly branding. Then fill out a quick quote form when you find your perfect promotional item to get your branding started!


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