What Makes for Greener Trade Shows? Innovation!

How Innovation Leads to a Greener Trade Show

Trade shows have come a long way in terms of being green, and while this is great, being innovative will allow you to make your next trade show or event even greener. In a recent post for TSNN our very own CMO, Shane Shirley, outlined some ways you can work some green into your next event. Some of these methods are a little out of the ordinary, but they will definitely make your trade show greener and hopefully inspire you to find some innovations of your own to lead you to a greener trade show.

  1. Bike Sharing

    In cities like Miami Beach, Boston, and Washington D.C. to name a few, bike sharing has really caught on. Bike sharing is good for everyone’s health – from the rider peddling to the planet since biking is a great way to get around sans carbon emissions. Since bike sharing works great in cities why not extend this idea to your trade show? Make bikes available to bike back and forth from the hotel to the convention center, around town, or to make lunch runs.

  2. Plastic Bag Bans

    Around the world, plastic bag bans are gaining momentum for very good reasons. Single-use plastic bags contribute to pollution which destroys ecosystems and kills wildlife, along with interfering with the food chain and just being ugly to see. At FDP we feature a map that tracks the movement to ban single-use plastic bags by showing cities and towns that have successfully implemented bans and which places are trying to get bans passed. Use this innovative idea and ban single-use plastic bags from your tradeshow to minimize this waste stream and encourage the use of reusable grocery bags which provide a great return on investment while also spreading your marketing message and helping the planet.

  3. Community Gardens and the Local Food Movement

    How Innovation Leads to a Greener Trade ShowBuying locally produced food is an old trend that is being cultivated by both restaurants and consumers alike. Continuing the age-old tradition of community gardening is educational, creates strong ties within the community, and puts healthy food on the table while also reducing the carbon emissions generated when food is trucked in from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Be innovative at your next event and try to source local foods as much as possible and let your attendees know about where the food came from and the benefits of supporting the local economy.


Ready to Innovate a Greener Trade Show?

Bike sharing, disposable bag bans, and sourcing local foods are just three innovative ways to make your event even greener. What do you think? Do you have any maybe not so conventional ideas to make tradeshows greener? Let us know in the comments!

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