How Fracking Means Good Business for Plastic Bag Manufacturers

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Update on Plastic Bag Manufacturing – Fracking Expected to Benefit Bottom Line

Unfortunately, plastic production is a big business. With several states passing laws allowing hydrofracking and other states considering allowing this practice, the door is wide open for more raw materials to create more environmentally harmful, disposable plastic bags. When natural gas is pulled from underground shale deposits, it can be processed into polyethylene which can then be used to create a variety of plastics – including single-use plastic bags.

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Polyethylene producers have continually turned larger and larger profits as their expenses have decreased and that means good business for an industry wreaking havoc on the environment. Now, plastic bag manufacturers are hoping the increased abundance of available natural gas through fracking will finally drive down the price of polyethylene permanently. This decrease would allow plastic producers to purchase more raw materials at a better price and in turn, crank out more harmful disposable plastic bags.

However, there is no guarantee what the price will be for this component which accounts for about 70 percent of their cost when it comes to manufacturing disposable plastic bags.  This uncertainty is making many in the industry nervous. We aren’t feeling sorry for them, are you?

Disposable Plastic Bags Have an Unknown Feature and It’s NOT Good

There is always risk in business and that is what America runs on. Bring on the risk as well as the reward right? But when your business is manufacturing disposable plastic bags, your long-term planning is wrought with peril. In the best-case scenario from their perspective, plastic bag manufacturers create a product that harms the environment and endangers wildlife. Cities and counties all over the country passing laws banning disposable plastic bags (see our map of bag bans worldwide) can majorly reduce the demand for single-use plastic bags and diminish business for plastic manufacturers.

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Reusable Bags are a Secure Investment

Fortunately, there is an increasing demand for reusable shopping bags and this demand will increase as more bans are passed. Practically every week a new city starts looking into the merits of disposable bag bans or fees and ways to reduce disposable bag use. Reusable grocery bags are becoming more and more popular and in demand every day.

With everything we know about disposable plastic bags and the environmental harm they cause, it is irresponsible to continue to create these bags. The single-use plastic bag’s days are numbered and if the plastic manufacturers don’t start brainstorming a backup plan they may run out of options.

If you want to join in the reusable movement, visit us to check out our selection of reusable bags for your business. As always, please share this article via the buttons above, and feel free to use our content on your blog.


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