Back To School Eco Special for Your Marketing

Reusable bags are proven to effectively spread your marketing message and deliver a great ROI, or return on your investment. A well-made reusable bag can deliver years of use, so your customized reusable bag will be reminding your customers about your brand while also increasing your brand awareness with people who see your customers carrying your branded bag. For a limited time as the new school year is bearing down we are offering a back to school eco special.

Let’s Get Down to the Details

Now through July 31, 2015 we are offering a back to school eco special that includes free set up on reusable bags as low as $0.99. This sale pertains to our reusable hurricane bags and our eco drawstring backpacks. Both of these bags are very popular and depending on whether you are looking for a shopping bag style or a backpack style one of these bags is sure to fit your needs.

Reusable Hurricane Bags Are in High Demand

Reusable shopping bags are always popular across all demographics and our hurricane bags are no exception. Measuring at 13” x 15” x 10” they’re great for lugging items home from the store or really carrying just about anything. Our hurricane bags are constructed from 120GSM heavy-weight non-woven polypropylene material made from recycled plastic, making these bags durable and eco-friendly. With a reinforced bottom and handles that can support up to 25 lbs. these bags make easy work of carry heavy loads.

Eco Drawstring Backpacks

Our eco drawstring backpacks are good for students or they make a great gym bag and feature a drawstring closure. These bags are 14.5” x 17.5”, so they offer plenty of space to carry school gear or a change of clothes and the straps make for a comfortable, wearable design. These backpacks are made from biodegradable material, so they will live up to your company’s eco goals while also giving your customers a convenient way to carry their gear and spread your branding message.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

You have until the end of July to get your order in a take advantage of this great special. If you are ready to place your order head here and request a quote! If you have questions about the special or the process let us know and our talented team will help you out.


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