Thank You for All You Do! Now Tell Us How We Can Help You

thank you for all you do

Thank You for All You Do for FDP!

This Labor Day we got to thinking about how much our customers and online friends have helped us in the work we do each and every single day, and we wanted to say thanks. If it wasn’t for all of you out there being just as engaged and passionate as we all are here at FDP about creating a healthier future for us all, we wouldn’t be able to make such a difference.

It is because you help us spread our message that businesses, consumers and municipalities all over the United States and beyond are getting the message that it is time to #GoReusableNow and ditch single use plastic bags.

So Thanks Very Much for…

  1. Spreading the Bag Ban Message

    Through social media, members of our online community have shared our bag ban map over 763 times on Facebook, 266 times on Twitter, 94 times on LinkedIn. We lost track of all of the shares on Pinterest! It means so much to have so many folks tweeting, Facebooking, pinning and sharing your thoughts on LinkedIn. Just please remember, we are here to help you as well, so always let us know how we can help spread your message as well. We would love to feature you on our blog if you are doing great work to help push the eco-friendly message, okay?

  2. Filling Us In on Pins We Need to Add to Our Map

    We do a good job of keeping up but sometimes bans or fees get missed by us and it is really helpful to have you contact us, or leave a comment on our bag ban map page (links at top of page) to let us know. Thank you so much!

  3. Creating Eco-Friendly Custom Reusable Bags and Promo Items

    Marketing your brand with a customized reusable product certainly helps your company and spreads your promotional message. When you promote your brand with a reusable product you reduce your company’s and your customer’s carbon footprint while you further help the environment by reducing the need for disposable items and the resulting litter, along with all of the negative impacts single use products have.

Enjoy Your Day – You Deserve It!

Through our disposable bag ban map we have helped to start a movement, spread awareness and get people excited and involved in this worthwhile cause. You guys have helped us grow into the company we are today and we are so, so grateful. Through your support, help and patronage you have allowed us to fulfill our goals and allowed us to set new goals for our company and the planet, and we could not be happier, so thank you. Enjoy your well deserved day off and now tell us what we can do to help you!


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