5 Reasons Your Brand Should Create a Reusable Eco-Friendly Promotional Product for Marketing

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How to Green Your Brand Beyond Earth Day

There are a lot of benefits to marketing your brand with a reusable, eco-friendly promotional product for Earth Day and beyond. When your brand creates a reusable, eco-friendly promotional product, you will be helping to green up consumers who are your prospects and clients, but in the process, you are effectively marketing your brand and getting great ROI. Check out our list of five reasons you should market your brand with eco-friendly, reusable promotional products.

5 Reasons Your Brand Should Create a Reusable Eco-Friendly Promotional Product for Marketing

  1. Get the Most Bang for Your Marketing Buck – The higher the quantity of promotional items you purchase, the lower the price per unit so buying in bulk can seriously help your bottom line. When putting together your order, think about how you plan to distribute your custom, branded promotional products. Are you handing them out at a trade show? Will you use them as holiday gifts or tokens of appreciation for vendors or employees? What about any safety programs you are running? Could these be used as incentives? Tally up how many promotional products you anticipate you’ll need throughout the year and check to see what the price break will be if you up your order. If you think you’ll need 500 items it is not worthwhile to increase your order to 2,000, but if may be a good move to purchase a couple hundred more.
  2. trade show marketing with custom non-woven drawstring bagsThe Durable Reusable Design will get a High ROI – Any time you can secure a return on your marketing investment, you’ve made a good decision, but reusable products typically deliver an amazing ROI. Different reusable products have different lifespans, so an eco friendly pen may last a year or two, while a reusable bag may hang in there for 5 or 6 years. Ultimately, the ROI is determined by the product type, the price and how long your customers are able to use your branded item. We pride ourselves on high-quality products and we work directly with our factory, allowing us to secure a great price which we pass on to you. These factors ensure your customers will be using your custom branded promotional product for a long time to come and they’ll be spreading the word about your brand along the way. The marketing investment you make today, will still be paying off years from now.
  3. Do Your Part to Help the Planet and Stay True to Your Green Goals – When you get a custom branded, eco-friendly, reusable promotional product in your customer’s hands you are eliminating their need for disposable products. This means less single-use trash will be carted off to landfills or end up littering the areas your customers live and work, as well as our oceans. Making eco-friendly marketing decisions will also reduce your company’s carbon footprint and help you stick to your green initiatives at work while marketing your brand in a fun yet effective manner.
  4. Inspire Others to Help the Planet – Marketing your brand with eco-friendly products makes a clear statement to your customers that you are serious about making green decisions and implementing eco-friendly practices. Showing your customers and prospects how you implement eco-friendly concepts into your business plan could inspire them to follow your lead either in their personal lives or in their work. Inspiring others, especially your target market, can have a trickle-down effect that can really add up and have a serious eco-impact on the planet, but providing inspiration can also help to build relationships with those you want to do business.
  5. Create Something Unique that Captures and Showcases Your Branding – By designing your brand’s reusable, eco-friendly promotional product, you can create something that showcases your branding and is a great fit for your customers. You know your demographic, so choose an eco-friendly promotional item they will use and appreciate. You can customize it to match the rest of your branding scheme by selecting the colors and the printing, but depending on the type of eco-friendly, reusable promotional product you create, you can further customize it to make it truly one of a kind. Something that is different, speaks volumes about your brand, and fills a need or serves a purpose for your customers and prospects will stand out and be memorable.

Are You Seeing The Eco-Friendly Marketing ROI Yet?

We see a spike around Earth Day each year in our sales as business look for ways to create a marketing piece to mark the day. We love to help because our goal truly is to get businesses thinking about how to effectively market their brand in an eco-friendly way year round. It may be old school but It works to raise brand awareness, builds relationships and increases sales.

There are so many reasons why an eco-friendly promotional product is a good fit for your brand. From the value to the level of customization possible to the positive impact on the planet you cannot go wrong with a custom reusable marketing item. Do you want a quote or do you have questions about placing an order or a product? We’d love to help you out, so please get in touch!

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