5 Reasons Sustainability is Important for Your Next Promotional Product

Why Is Sustainability Important for Your Next Promotional Product?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you think about how to promote your brand and what promotional tools you will use. Sustainability is an important feature to think about when promoting your brand and here are five reasons why you should consider sustainability the next time you create a custom branded promotional item.

  1. Help Our Shared Planet – Sustainable materials, like cloth woven from cotton, jute or bamboo convert carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) into oxygen (the air we breathe) while growing, and these plants can continually be grown, harvested and replanted, keeping the cycle going. Eventually given enough use, your promotional item will wear out and an item made from sustainable materials is biodegradable, or rather it will safely breakdown, so you can rest easy knowing that you got the word out about your brand without causing environmental harm.
  2. Lead By Example – Show your customers that you are not just talk but that you are serious about doing right by the environment. When you promote your brand with sustainable materials you are demonstrating that your brand has a green sensibility. A reusable promotional tool is a wise choice because it will increase your brand recognition, but it is also a fiscally responsible decision given that reusable items reduce the need for single use products and this equates to a cost savings for your customers.
  3. Give Your Green Customers Something They Want to Use – A lot of people are serious about going green and making intelligent and informed environmental decisions. Customers of this persuasion will gravitate to your promotional item since this is a natural fit.
  4. Reduce Your Corporate Carbon Footprint – Everything you do to reduce your corporate carbon footprint adds up and makes a difference. You need to market your brand and get your name out there, so you might as well use sustainable materials and limit the impact your brand has on the environment.
  5. Enjoy versatility and durability – You have a lot of choices when you decide to market your brand with sustainable items. Natural fibers, such as jute, cotton and bamboo are all examples of sustainable textiles and they are great for reusable bags. Also available are plastics made from corn – this material is ideal for USB flash drives or pens. Sustainable materials can also be very durable, which will ensure your customers are able to use your customized promotional gear for years to come and spread the word about your brand in the process.

When selecting a promotional item you want something convenient that your customers will use and something that will fit into your marketing scheme and blend in with your larger branding campaign, but you also need to consider the material. Sustainable materials are eco-friendly, durable, and biodegradable, making them a great way to promote your brand and help the planet. If you have any questions please get in touch!


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