3 Easy Ways to Go Green with Your Holiday Work Party

Why Not Green Up Your Holiday Work Party This Year?

You work to implement green practices into your daily work routine and your work holiday party is a great opportunity to continue to do so. You can easily make your holiday work party green and even raise awareness and some green pride with your co-workers and employees.

Here are Three simple Solutions to Help Make Your Holiday Work Party Green

  1. Eat Local. Book a restaurant or caterer who serves locally sourced, organic foods. Food grown locally greatly reduces the carbon emissions caused by transporting food from other areas. Depending on where you live, some items may need to brought in from warmer climates during certain times of the year, but sourcing what you can locally when you’re able makes a big difference.
  2. Gift Exchange. Ask people to go green with the holiday gift exchange. Maybe that means buying locally produced items, or gift certificates for local businesses; it can also mean items made from recycled or sustainable materials. It can also be fun to see what green ideas people unwrap.gift
  3. Keep Your Décor Reusable or Natural. Reusable products are green by eliminating the need for disposable items, and the great thing about strands of LED lights, glass ornaments, and other reusable decorations is that you just need to unpack the items next year and you are good to go. Natural decorations like wreaths and swags made from real greenery will give your party a nice ambiance and a festive look. Make sure to compost or recycle any natural decorations once the party is over to responsibly dispose of such items.

Stick with What You Know

sparkleRemember to carry over the good practices you already have in place, like making sure recycling bins are available and accessible and use reusable dishes and utensils in place of disposable. These steps will help the planet by eliminating trash and create consistency with your existing green protocols.

Pick the suggestions that work for you when planning your party and remember that the ultimate goal is to have fun, and if you’re able to go green and have fun, then you’ve done a great job.

What do you do in order to make your holiday party, or other parties for that matter, green? We would love to know.


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