Share This if Your City Has Yet to Get a Pin on the Bag Ban Map!

Bag bans are popping up all over, how will it impact your business?

Bag bans are popping up all over, how will it impact your business?

Bag Ban Resource Puts Disposable Bag Bans in Perspective

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please support the movement and view our bag ban map. This is a great interactive tool that pinpoints cities, counties, and even countries that have bans or fees on the books for disposable shopping bags. The map is an amazing resource that shows patterns and makes it easy to see parallels between bans in different areas and even links to sites that allow visitors to learn more about each ban. The criteria for getting on our bag ban map is pretty simple – all you need is a plastic bag ban or a fee on disposable bags in place and we will gladly add you (we also add unsuccessful ban attempts, but we are not glad when we do it).

Does Your City Have a Ban or a Fee on Disposable Bags?

If your city has a bag ban or fee in place, let us know! Of course, you are not limited to your city – if your hometown or a neighboring city has a ban and is not on our map we want to know. Leave a comment or get in touch on Facebook, all you need to tell us is the name of the city and we’ll take it from there. Getting a ban in place takes a lot of work, so let us give credit where it is due. Spreading the word can help inspire others to follow your lead, so getting on the map lets others learn from the trail your city blazed.

Do You Wish Your City Had a Ban or a Fee on Disposable Bags?

Starting a plastic bag ban can be a massive undertaking. Please check out our earlier post explaining the different steps necessary to get your city on track to banning bags. There are a lot of great resources on the Internet, so also take the time to read through the information available and check out the locations on our map ahead of time to help formulate your plan. Starting a bag ban can be exciting and you’ll probably want to jump right in, but reading and researching upfront will ensure you end up on the best and most likely to succeed path.

If your city has a proposed bag or fee you don’t need to wait till it is official to let us know. Please get in touch and tell us your story. We would love to follow your progress and give you some online support, and once the votes are tallied we can get you on the map!

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