Plastic Free Works at Angama Mara Resort in Kenya

Plastic Free Works at Angama Mara Resort in Kenya

Update on Kenya Plastic Bag Ban Brings Luxury Plastic-Free

The Kenyan government has been working for years to reduce plastic through various efforts to implement plastic bag bans. While the country-wide measure has been a hard-fought and on-going process, one luxury resort is setting an example not just for Kenya, but for the entire world. Congratulations are in order as they celebrate one year of being plastic free.

Waste-Free Luxury

Located in Maasai Mara National Reserve, Angama Mara is a premier, award-winning luxury lodge where guests can enjoy breathtaking views. This safari lodge is virtually plastic free and embodies a zero-waste ethic. Some of the ways Angama Mara reduces waste are: through serving water in reusable glass bottles, using refillable porcelain dispensers for guest amenities, as well as wrapping food to go in paper and using stainless-steel tins and cutlery, glass bottles and reusable cotton napkins.

The lodge also uses reusable canvas garbage bags. Angama Mara takes their waste-reducing efforts even further, by utilizing, EcoBricks, which are building materials made from recycled plastic. They even stage friendly competitions among staff members to find new and creative ways to further reduce trash.

Impact of Plastic

Everyone knows that disposable plastic bags are bad for the planet. While these thin plastic bags can be recycled, they seldom are. Single-use plastic bags are likely to end up as litter or in landfills. Plastic does not safely breakdown, so it doesn’t belong in landfills.

When plastic ends up as litter, it ruins the natural beauty of landscapes and it poses a serious health risk to animals. Wildlife may mistake plastic as food, and once consumed the plastic can block the animal’s digestive system and lead to death. Animals can also become tangled in discarded plastic litter, which may prevent the animal from being able to fend or defend themselves.

Kanya’s Plastic Bag Bans

Since 2007, the Kenyan government has made two previous attempts at implementing plastic bag bans. These early efforts ultimately failed due to lack of support and enforcement. Kenya’s plastic bag ban imposes some of the harshest penalties. The ban covers anyone manufacturing, selling or even carrying single-use plastic bags.

Anyone found to be in violation of the ban faces fees up to $38,000 or a jail sentence of up to four years. The intent of these steep penalties is to motivate shoppers, retailers and manufacturers to ditch plastic in favor of reusable shopping bags.

Plastic Bag Bans Opposition

Two plastic bag manufacturers filed a lawsuit, asking the Kenya plastic bag ban to be dropped. The manufacturers argued that the ban would cost a significant number of jobs. A judge on Kenya’s high court dismissed the case, claiming that minimizing the negative environmental impact of disposable plastic bags was more important than commercial interests.

Going Plastic-Free

At Factory Direct Promos, we applaud the efforts of Angama Mara and the Kenyan government. Going plastic-free is a challenge, but with dedication and careful planning, it is completely possible. Learn more about plastic bag bans throughout the world and follow the bag ban movement by checking out our bag ban map.

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