It’s National Boss’s Day…Did Beth Remember In Your Office?

What did you do for your boss today?

Bill signing a card stating that the office gets the rest of the day off! :)

Did You Remember Boss’s Day? Thanks to Beth, We Did!

Did you know it is National Boss’s Day 2014? Well yes it is and thanks to our fearless leader Beth, who I know was the one who was on the ball and knew about it as well, our super CEO, Bill English who is in from Michigan visiting our Florida location, was greeted this morning with some much deserved thanks.

Seems like every office has a “Beth” right? The one person in the office who keeps an eye on things, keeps everyone in line, and cares enough to make sure we don’t miss the important things in life. Is that you or another person you are fortunate enough to work with?

I remember hearing her yelling once from her office to Jason, the only guy in the office at the time who would have most likely been oblivious to the upcoming holiday, “Hey don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow! You need to get a gift for your mom and your wife.”

Every office needs a Beth and we want her to know we appreciate her work and we wish her a very happy Boss’s Day too.

Now go and thank your office “Beth” or, if need be, give yourself the much deserved pat on the back for all you do to make your co-workers days just a little bit brighter.

Boss's Day.jpg

We could not ask for a better boss than Bill.



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