Is YOUR Brand Ready for The New Marketing Funnel?

Is YOUR Brand Ready for The New Marketing Funnel?

Understanding Customer Intent In The Purchasing Journey

The customer journey is no longer the straightforward funnel that many markers have come to know and expect. Google’s President of the Americas, Allan Thygesen, recently explained how a new marketing funnel is in play, and it falls to marketers to spot consumer intent in order to close sales. Learn more about the new marketing funnel and how eco-friendly promotional products can add to your consumers’ digital journey by serving as a useful reminder of your brand, and ultimately help convert sales.

How the Internet is Changing the Customer Journey

Looking at the customer path to purchase can be an eye opening experience. The typical funnel-inspired sales path has changed. The journey consumers take while navigating the products and services they want or need, and ultimately purchase, is no longer a linear path of awareness, opinion, consideration and purchase. Consumers use the Internet to conduct research and are likely to go in several different directions and research the brand just as much as the actual product, before making a final decision. Sometimes the customer journey will take a month or more before a sale is made.

The Rise of Service Brands

Consumers are choosing to engage and work with brands that are relevant and helpful. This makes sense, because there are many brands competing with one another for the same consumers, and consumers have their pick of brands.

Consumers show their intent before making a purchasing decision, so businesses need to understand what that intent looks like and respond in a helpful and meaningful way. You know your customers, so you likely already know how to spot their intent. This means the next step is following through with top-notch service to close the deal.

Create a Brand Consumers Can Count On

Consumers look to dependable brands that are available to answer questions, provide customer service and just be there when needed. There are several ways your brand can meet these expectations. One way to keep your brand relevant with your consumers is through the use of customized promotional products, like custom reusable bags.

Marketing Benefits of Reusable Promotional Products

Reusable bags and other customized gear that bears your company’s branding serve as reminders of your brand. When your customers carry groceries home or take a sip of their coffee or jot a quick note, they will see your logo and other branding information and think of your brand. Even if your customers don’t realize it, on some level they are thinking of your brand.

The promotional item itself is a testament to the thoughtfulness, desire to serve and attention to detail your brand has for your consumers. Selecting a useful and functional promotional product your customers can use indicates your company is tuned into your customers’ needs.

The Value of Going Green

All of our custom promotional products are eco-friendly. A few traits determine the eco-friendliness of our gear. Items designed to be reused to eliminate the use of disposable items, from single-use plastic shopping bags to Styrofoam coffee cups and disposable plastic water bottles and more. Plastic is bad for the planet, so many consumers are turning away from disposable options in favor of reusable alternatives.

Items made from recycled or sustainable materials are also eco-friendly. Recycled content and sustainable options, like fabrics made from cotton, jute and bamboo lend to the environmentally friendly traits of products, and also make it easier and more likely the products will be responsibly disposed of when the time comes. Promoting your brand with customized eco-friendly gear enables your company to go green while also allowing their customers to go green, too.

Assist Your Customers on Their Journey

Customized promotional products are a thoughtful way to remind your customers about your brand. This helpful nudge can keep your brand front of mind, and ensure your customers create a positive association with your brand. Learn how easy it is to design your very own custom reusable bags and reach out if you need a quote or have questions about design or any part of the ordering process.

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