How to Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue for Your Next Trade Show

How to Go Eco-Friendly at the Tradeshow

Don’t forget about going green (or maybe going greener) when you exhibit at tradeshows

Want to Go Eco for Your Next Show or Event? Here’s How

Every aspect of a trade show contributes to the overall sustainability of the event so it’s important to think about the eco qualities of the venue when planning an event. It’s easy to identify eco traits in materials and allocation of resources, but choosing an eco-friendly venue for a trade show may seem like a tricky task at first. Here are a few areas to consider to help you determine the degree of eco-friendliness a venue possesses.

Location of a Venue is a Major Determining Factor

Where the venue is located will have a big impact on the eco-friendly rating of an event. The more people have to travel to attend the trade show the bigger the carbon footprint and therefore the less eco-friendly. If most of your industry is located in the Pacific North West, holding an event on the East Coast will cause a lot of extra travel and burn a lot of fossil fuel (aside from raking up some hefty travel expenses for those showing and attending).

Depending on the size of your industry and the way people are spread out, you may not have the luxury of a centrally located city to hold your trade show, but if you can select a location that is conveniently located that can have a big impact on the eco-friendliness. If not, offer carbon offsets to your attendees.

Once You’ve Selected a City the Hunt for the Perfect Location is Still On

When selecting a venue consider how close it is to public transportation, hotels and restaurants. If the people attending the show are able to take advantage of public transportation like trains or buses, that can really help minimize the overall carbon footprint, but if people need to rent a car or take a taxi that can add up.

Consider the Materials and Construction Practices Used to Build the Venue

Lately there has been a movement toward utilizing construction materials and methods in ways to be more energy efficient. The goal is to help to minimize pollution, protect the natural environment, and create a healthy, comfortable and non-hazardous space.

When possible, consider how the venue was built and how resources were and continue to be managed. For example, find out if the building materials feature recycled content or are sustainable. Ask if energy efficient LED bulbs are used or if other sustainable practices are used at the possible venue.

There have even been a lot of new and exciting techniques to collect rainwater on roofs and even the water that seeps through the pavement of parking lots and using this water flush toilets in the building or to water landscaping. Simply asking about the sustainable aspects of the venue will help you choose a more eco location.

Find a Balance to Determine the Ideal Venue

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining how eco-friendly a venue is, and remember you need to find balance – you may need to opt to use a venue that does not feature recycled building materials in order to book a location that is optimally located near the airport and a shuttle service.
Do your homework, weigh the pros and the cons, and ask questions to find an eco-friendly location that will be the best fit possible for your next trade show.

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