4 Marketing Strategies to Use During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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4 Easy Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact in one form or another on practically every business in the United States. Perhaps one of the more distressing aspects of the past several weeks from a business perspective is the uncertainty of it all. It is difficult to know how to plan when no one knows when things will get back to some degree of normal.

We talked about how to manage your marketing budget during a crisis like COVID-19 in a recent post. We’ve also addressed the value and effectiveness of custom reusable bags for marketing. We want to expand on this topic with more marketing strategies to use during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Help Your Current Customers

Growing your business typically requires bringing on new customers. This can be a monumental challenge right now. Bringing on new customers costs time and money. Normally, these expenses are worth it, but you may not see the same return right now.

Instead of placing an emphasis on new customers, try to foster the bonds you have with your existing customers. They already know what you have to offer, so provide even greater value. Reach out, see what they need, and figure out a way to help. This small gesture can further endear your brand to your customers and help solidify your relationship.

2. Review Marketing Efforts

Doing an audit of your marketing and branding is something you probably shy away from because you know it’s a big task. If you have the capacity then now is a great time to dig into your marketing. Update any dated messaging and ensure consistency both visually and in terms of messaging across all forms of outreach.

Just a tip to be mindful of your messaging. Be thoughtful about your communication and tailor the tone and phrasing to our current times. While some people are simply working from their couch and have otherwise experienced a minimal impact on their daily lives, others have sustained significant losses.

Take this into consideration when crafting any customer-facing content. This may require a quick refresh in the future, so set yourself a reminder to revisit the content in 6 months or 12 months or whatever you think makes the most sense.

3. Think Ahead

At some point, this pandemic will be behind us. Find ways to stay relevant with your customers so when they are ready to get back to business, they’ll remember you. A great way to keep your brand on your customer’s minds is through promotional products, like reusable bags. Promotional marketing is so effective because the item you customize works like a constant reminder of your brand.

Every single time your customers use your branded reusable shopping bags they will think about your business. Your branded reusable bags also function a lot like a sign, putting your marketing info on display for anyone who happens to see the bag while your customers use it. This expands the reach of your business while also reinforcing your branding message with your current customer base.

4. Look for Ways to Help

If you have the means to do so, then consider giving back and doing some good. From helping local organizations in your community to supporting larger movements find something that speaks to your brand and lend a hand. Supporting others can come in many forms from donating and even just helping to raise awareness.

This action will do some good which is a compelling enough reason, but it will also show your employees and customers that you have an altruistic side. This can significantly help when it comes to both employee and customer retention. People are more likely to support a business that does good things because by supporting you they are also helping you do some good in the world.

Start Strategizing

Taking the time to carefully address your marketing now will ensure you are ready to take care of business once things pick up again. These tips are easy to implement and are an effective way to plan ahead during this downtime caused by COVID-19. If you have questions or want to learn more about how to promote your business during the coronavirus pandemic or anytime for that matter, then let us know.

We have been in the business of creating custom reusable products for over 10 years and we can help you create your own custom reusable bags now. This is something we take very seriously, and we have some major credentials, like GOTS, Fairtrade, ISO 9001, and FEDEX certifications to back us up.

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