3 Ways FDP Can Help Your City Council, Town or Municipality Implement a Bag Ban

Help the Community Support the Change

Getting a plastic bag can off the ground can be a daunting task that requires a lot of planning and organization. A main component is getting the word out to the community – when people know and understand what and why something is happening they are more likely to throw their support behind it and actively participate. A great way to get the community engaged is to work with local retailers to help them create their very own custom designed reusable shopping bags. These bags can be sold in their stores, or handed out to help spread the word of the disposable bag ban. We here at Factory Direct Promos can help you in your mission!

Here Are Three Ways We Can Help Your Town Implement a Single Use Plastic Bag Ban

  1. We Can Contact Retailers – Provide us with a list of local retailers and we will reach out to them and discuss the marketing and environmental advantages to reusable bags. Reusable bags are a great way to not only advertise their brand, but to also increase awareness of an impending ban. Looking out for, and helping customers adjust to a new law will increase brand loyalty, too. Make sure to include stores of different sizes and in different neighborhoods, so we will be sure to reach all shoppers in your town.
  2. We Will Help Retailers Design a Special Bag for Their Brand and Get Excited – When a plastic bag ban is implemented it creates a need for reusable shopping bags. By creating a reusable bag that captures a retailer’s branding image, they are able to increase their brand awareness and recognition while also giving their customers an environmentally sound option for carrying their purchase home. At FDP we are able to offer retailers incredible customization options so they can showcase their marketing message in stunning full-color printing, or create a bag that has a functional design that caters to how a specific retailer’s customers will use the bag.
  3. Offer Special Discounts Beyond Our Everyday Amazing Factory Direct Pricing –  Because we work directly with our factory we are able to streamline the process and this keeps our costs down, so we can pass this savings along to our customers. In the spirit of helping your town’s bag ban be a success we will also offer participating retailers amazing discounts like free set up and design services so they can make their marketing dollars stretch even further.

When stores utilize reusable bags to market their brand they are able to maximize their marketing budget and reach a wide audience all while protecting the environment. Let us at FDP help your local business owners get excited about a bag ban by helping them to create completely custom reusable grocery bags that will help the community adjust to life without disposable plastic bags, while also marketing their brand. Reach out to us today by contacting Shane [at] FactoryDirectPromos [dot]com  and we can help make disposable, single use plastic bags a distant memory in your hometown.

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