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  • 5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Reusable Bags

    There is so much to be thankful for and we consider ourselves lucky to have such an abundance of great people and good things happening in our lives. While thinking over everything we’re thankful for that got us thinking about just how thankful we are for reusable bags, so we thought we’d put together a list of the 5 reasons we’re thankful for reusable grocery bags!
  • 2014 Holiday Promos Turn Your Marketing Green and Strengthen Client Relationships

    Our 2014 holiday promos are here and we’ve rounded up some effective, green marketing items at some really amazing price points. See what items you like and we can get to work establishing a greener presence for your company that will spread holiday cheer to strengthen client relationships beyond the holidays.
  • Trade Show Tip of The Week...You Need TSNN and iTS

    As some of you may know I am our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Factory Direct Promos. I consider myself fortunate to handle the marketing for FDP, as well as all SBS Brands, because I really believe in the work we do and I think small changes in people’s everyday routines at home and at work can collectively have a massive and positive impact on the environment. I enjoy writing for FDP and sharing green marketing, business, and trade show tips but I also get the chance to venture out and gather great tips for you from some great thought leaders in the industry.
  • Montreal Mayor Proposes Bag Ban

    Mayor Denis Coderre recently approached the City Council with a proposal to ban single-use plastic bags in retail stores throughout Montreal. "Personally, I think we should ban them," Coderre said. "But we have to consult properly so that all players in society can contribute fully." This notion of a bag ban was spurred by California’s recent state-wide ban, although Montreal has proven to be very environmentally minded. Even NYC is getting in on the bag ban wagon.
  • The Perfect Pairing for Your Corporate Holiday Gift of Wine, Champagne and Sparkling Juices

    Wine, champagne, and sparkling juices can be a thoughtful holiday corporate gift and one that is sure to please, but your holiday gift should remind the recipients of your brand, and the perfect way to do that is to package, or wrap, your gift in a reusable wine tote. A reusable wine tote is good for your brand and the environment Long beyond the holidays.
  • California Bans The Bag But What State Will Be Next?

    It is really great news for the environment that California passed a statewide single-use plastic bag ban and we’re still so excited. This is such a big step and will have a massive impact (for the better!) on the environment. California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 270 but California is facing some opposition. Still, as of right now, the ban is set to go into effect starting next July, but there are some disposable plastic bag manufacturers looking to repeal this law. We are optimistic that the California bag ban will hold up and we’re also interested to see who follows California’s lead and that got us thinking about which state could be next to enact a disposable plastic bag ban.
  • Cute Pictures of Wildlife to Make You Smile and Reach for Your Reusable Bag!

    Sometimes there is nothing better than looking at pictures of cute animals. Whether you need a break from a draining project at work or you just feel like dwelling on the cuteness, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest pictures of wildlife, so take some time to gaze upon the adorability of these images. These images show how awesome nature can be.
  • Who Is Activist Abby? 8 Question Interview With "Kid" Bag Ban Activist

    It isn't hard to miss that one of the most influential activists in the bag ban movement, Activist Abby, is only 14. It also isn't hard to miss is that her work has sparked not only debate and resulting bag ban initiatives, but she has been an inspiration to not only kids, but adults and politicians throughout the country and I would go so far as to stay, the world as well. She was even an inspiration to us here at Factory Direct Promos (FDP) as her work pushed us to create our bag ban map!
  • Doing Business in California? Here's What You Need to Know About the Bag Ban

    The California state-wide disposable plastic bag ban, also known as SB 270, will certainly alter business in the state if the Governor, Jerry Brown signs it into law on September 30. The law aims to ban disposable plastic bags in supermarkets and drug stores starting on July 1, 2015 and will apply to smaller grocery stores and convenience stores beginning July 1, 2016. The law levies a 10-cent fee on paper and reusable bags. Clearly, the ban will impact grocery, drug and convenience stores since these establishments will have to comply with the ban, but the ramifications will extend far beyond the checkout line.
  • 3 Reusable Bags That Offer Great ROI from Your Corporate Holiday Gifting

    It’s not too early to start planning your corporate holiday gifting. Taking care of this now means that’s one less thing to coordinate later during the holiday rush which is already knocking at our door. Plus, the sooner in the season you can get your gift to your clients, vendors and other business associates, the sooner it will work double duty to market your brand and strengthen relationships with clients for years to come.

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