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Plastic Bag Bans

Track the Bag Ban Movement

Disposable plastic bag bans are continuing to grow in numbers throughout the United States. Several cities are looking at passing their own plastic bag bans to join the growing list of communities that are going green. Keep reading for an update on just some of the cities that are saying no to plastic.

Big Developments in the Sunshine State

Florida has long had a difficult relationship with single-use plastic bags. There has been interest in communities throughout the state to ban disposable plastic bags, but a state law banning bag bans has prevented many local lawmakers from effectively taking action. Despite this statewide law, several cities have attempted to move forward with plastic bag bans in recent years, and there is even talk of a statewide ban.

In the meantime, officials in St. Augustine Beach approved a voluntary ban on single-use plastic bags that will begin in April. Lawmakers are working toward implementing a more permanent ban. Gainesville also recently passed a single-use plastic bag ban that will go into action on August 1, 2019.

Movement Grows in Connecticut

Connecticut appears to be on a similar path as neighboring Massachusetts. Several cities passed or attempted to pass plastic bag bans years ago, such as Westport whose ban became official in 2008.

Due to interest in reducing waste and disappointment at a lack of action taken at the state level, the plastic bag ban movement is gaining a tremendous amount of support in various cities. Four cities have passed plastic bag bans since 2018 with Stamford being one of the most recent cities to approve a ban. Five more cities have pending legislation regarding plastic bag bans. There are also renewed efforts to pass a statewide ban.

Changing with the Times

Newton, Massachusetts has had a ban in place since July 2015; however, officials recently updated the ban to include thicker bags. The initial language of the ban specifically targeted thin plastic bags. Thicker bags were allowed but were equally troublesome as their thinner alternatives. The updated ban is intended to completely eliminate all single-use plastic bags. The updated language also levies a 10-cent fee on paper bags.

Movement Coming to the Bluegrass State

The Bowling Green City Council Committee is looking into how to handle single-use plastic bags. At this point, nothing is being ruled in or out. The committee is working with the public to discuss a variety of solutions regarding how to handle disposable plastic bags.

Movement Taking Root in Utah

In Logan, Utah, a municipal councilman is looking to ban single-use plastic bags. The issue is still in the discussion phase and support from local businesses and residents has been mixed. While several hours south in Summit County, a persistent group of students is again reaching out to the County Council to request officials consider banning single-use plastic bags.

Plastic Bag Ban Coming to Arcadia Lakes

In a unanimous vote, the Arcadia Lakes town council passed a measure banning single-use plastic bags, in addition to Styrofoam cups and coolers. This marks the first time a municipality located in the inland region of South Carolina has passed a single-use plastic bag ban.

Stay in the Know

As this roundup shows, the plastic bag bans movement is still making major headway. People all over the country are looking for ways to reduce the use of plastic and try to reverse the negative impact of these disposable bags.

Plastic is bad for the planet and one way to address this problem is through plastic bag bans.

You can learn more about the movement by reviewing our plastic bag ban map. This resource features a full rundown of all the areas with bag bans or working toward implementing bans. Is there a location missing from our map? Please let us know!

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