What to Look for When Designing Your Promotional Reusable Bag

Truly Custom Shopping Bags Set Your Brand Apart from the Competition

A lot of companies offer you the ability to design your own promotional bags. Reusable bags are a fantastic way to promote your brand because they are designed to be used again and again and every time they are used they spread your branding message. Reusable grocery bags are kind of like mobile billboards – customers and potential customers will see them and learn about your brand and the products or services you offer.

What really sets Factory Direct Promos apart is that we go above and beyond simply printing your brand’s logo and a slogan on the front of a bag. To help get your message across we offer full-color printing on all sides of your reusable bag, so you can use text and images to totally customize the bag and make it exactly what you want it to be. This level of customization will give your reusable shopping bag a polished and high-end look. People will see these high-end finishes and they will associate this level of quality with your brand.

We can turnaround a custom order in 60 – 90 days. That may seem like a long time, but when you consider the level of customization that is possible between selecting material, the design of the text and images printed on the bag and the colors of everything – you can choose the color of the bag and printing, but you can also choose the gusset and handle color to really create something that showcases your branding.

Recyclable and Eco Friendly Material

There are a lot of great eco-friendly options in custom bags to choose from regarding the material when designing your custom shopping bags. One such option is material made from 85 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Once plastic is created it will always exist, so finding a use for the recycled plastic will prevent it from becoming litter and damaging animal’s habitats or taking up space in a landfill.

Reusable shopping bags made from recycled plastic not only put plastic to use, but the bags are durable and will hang in there for at least 2 years of regular use. What is also great about reusable grocery bags made from recycled plastic is that when the bag has given all it has to give and is worn out your customers can recycle the custom bag, so it can be recycled into something new and useful and start the process all over again.


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