Three Ways to Get the Most Bang for Your Marketing Buck at Tradeshows

Let Your Custom Promotional Product Do the Talking

Trade shows are a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness and educate both customers and potential customers about your brand. Giveaways are the norm, so you need to create a giveaway that catches your customers’ attention and resonates well with them. A customized, eco-friendly promotional product that your customers can use again and again will help you achieve this goal.

Here are three ways to stretch your promotional budget and create fantastic customized takeaways that will engage your customers and increase brand recognition.

  1. Generate Buzz with Completely Customized Reusable Bags

    When you design your custom reusable bag there are a lot of factors to consider. You want something that is eye-catching and conveys your branding message.  You can achieve this with colors, text, and full-color printing. You also want to create a bag that is functional because the more useful the bag is, the more your clients will want to use it, and the more exposure your brand gets. Add pockets, zippers, adjustable shoulder straps, and more to create a bag that will fit your customers’ needs and functions in a useful way.

  2. Reusable Travel Mugs Will Advertise Your Brand Long After the Trade Show is Over

    When your customers carry your company-branded reusable travel mug they will continue to spread your message and increase your brand recognition. Eco-friendly travel mugs and reusable stainless steel bottles are incredibly popular and will get plenty of use day in and day out. Every time your customers carry your branded mug they will reinforce your brand with existing clients while also exposing your brand to potential clients.

  3. Branded Flash Drives Carry Data and Your Branding Message

    The purpose of promotional products is to increase your brand awareness, but in order to achieve this, you must create a product your customers want to use or an item they need. Flash drives fit the bill. Whether for work or personal use everyone has digital files they need to store, transfer, or share. When you add your branding message to promotional items like reusable flash drives or golf outing giveaways you will reinforce your brand while your customers take advantage of the function your promotional product offers.

Trade shows allow you to interact with your customers and vendors and custom branded products are a great way to give the people who visit your booth something to not only remember your company, but also a mobile piece of advertising that will further spread your brand awareness. Get the most value out of your marketing dollars by promoting your brand with eco-friendly, custom branded items that your customers can use while they promote your brand.


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