Promotional Products Targeted for Millennials

Promotional Products Targeted for Millennials

How to Align Your Brand with This Demographic

The term millennial may conjure various stereotypes, but whatever you think of when you hear the word, this demographic is an important part of life, culture and the economy. Promotional products are an effective way to market your brand, and creating customized gear that appeals to the millennial demographic can help establish and cement your brand with this dominant group.

The Reach of Millennials

Millennials are loosely defined as those born between the years of 1981 and 1996. Millennials currently make up the largest generation in the American workforce. In less than 10 years three-quarters of the global workforce will be a member of the millennial generation. This dominance carries over to purchasing decisions, too. With millennials taking the workforce by storm, creating promotional products specially targeted to this demographic can deliver a big payout.

Custom Promotional Products

The more a promotional item appeals to your demographic the more that item will be used. As the item is used it reminds your client about your brand and helps to familiarize your message. Another perk of custom promotional gear is the reach it provides. As your clients use branded gear they will put your marketing message on display for others to see.

Here are some promotional product categories to consider when planning takeaways for your next trade show or event.


Millennials embrace technology, which makes a lot of sense given that digital technology has just about always been a part of their lives. Some reports estimate that millennials spent 35 hours each week with digital media. Meanwhile, they spend only 32 hours with traditional forms of media, like television, radio and print. Use this to your advantage and create custom tech gadgets to use as promotional products. From chargers to USB drives there are lots of gadgets that can be customized with your logo and info.

Healthy Focus Products

Another trait commonly associated with millennials is their commitment to health. From well-rounded diets containing the latest superfood to regular workouts millennials take their health seriously. Any item that can be used in a workout capacity will likely appeal to millennials. Think about creating custom water bottles, gym bags or even insulated totes to keep a post-workout drink or snack chilled.

Eco-Friendly Gear

Sustainability matters a great deal to millennials as a group. Reducing their carbon footprint and making informed and environmentally-conscious decisions is significant. Brands that do the same can also endear themselves to millennials. Opting to create promotional products that are reusable and made from recycled or sustainable materials sends a message about a brand’s stance on environmental issues. This is a message millennials will hear loud and clear, and it can also lay the groundwork to a long-lasting relationship.

New Parents

Millennials are becoming parents and they tend to express a strong focus on family and finding a work-life balance. Give them customized gear designed to help in their role as parents, like customized reusable totes and diaper bags.

Create Promotional Products for Millennials

Millennials make up such a major part of the workforce, and that number will increase as the youngest members of this demographic are about to graduate from college. Selecting promotional products that appeal to millennials will help increase the awareness and recognition of your brand with this very important demographic. Forging this bond now can help your brand for many years. When you are ready to begin designing your custom promotional products get in touch.

With over 20 years of experience helping brands design personalized promotional gear, we can help you create effective items that appeal to millennials and get your brand noticed.

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