Understanding the Harmful Effects of Plastic in Our Ocean

How much do we know about the damage caused by plastic waste in our oceans? Here are some informative videos that explain just a portion of what we know. After watching these videos we hope you’ll realize the need to reduce our use of things like single-use plastics and switch to items like reusable shopping bags.

The Pacific Trash Vortex Explained

You’ve heard about it on the news. You’ve read about it in blogs, What exactly is the Pacific Trash Vortex? Planet 100 is here to give you the facts.


World’s biggest garbage dump – plastic in the Ocean 

The world’s biggest garbage dump is a floating one and is twice the size of the USA.


Pacific Garbage Dump- Nightline 

Plastic Bottles & Ocean Pollution

Plastic is poisoning our oceans and a lot of that plastic comes from plastic beverage bottles. Stop using disposable plastic water bottles and switch to using filtered tap water in reusable water bottles. It’s easy to do. It will help save the ocean. It will save you money.

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