Custom Reusable Bags at Factory Direct Pricing

How Retailers Save the Planet and Make More Profit with Reusable Bags

Custom Reusable Bags at Factory Direct Pricing

Finding the ideal promotional product to market your brand can be tricky. You want something your customers will like and use and one that will leave a positive impression without going over budget.It is also worth considering the environmental impact and eco qualities of your branded promotional gear. Reusable products, like custom reusable bags, made from recycled or sustainable materials help the planet, make a positive statement about your brand and work for years to market your brand.

We Are The Factory

With over 20 years of experience creating custom reusable bags, we know a thing or two about creating customized promotional products that work to market your brand. Our customer service office is in Florida is ready to assist you as we work directly with our manufacturing facility to provide you with the best wholesale pricing on your bulk orders for reusable bags.

Oftentimes the model for customized products goes through various middlemen and at each step of the way, a markup is added.  With the old model, in the end you pay for each and every person involved in the sale. We don’t have all of these steps.

You tell us what you want and we relay this information to our production team directly to our factory. This streamlined system not only saves you money, but it also saves you time. Cutting out the middlemen means fewer people handling your order, so the entire process goes much quicker and there is less risk of error since the information does not need to pass through several channels.

See How Easy It Is to Work Directly with the Factory

We work with resellers, retailers and end users providing them with custom reusable bags in quantities of 5,000 to the millions all at factory direct pricing. We would love to work with you! Our minimum quantities are low, but the higher the quantity of custom reusable bags placed in an order, the lower the price per unit. This seems counterintuitive, but from a production standpoint the amount of setup work is typically about the same if we are producing 250 or 10,000 of a product. This is why the more you order the lower the price per item.

When you think about quantity consider where you plan to distribute your branded products. If you are having customized products made to hand out at a trade show, estimate how many people will stop by your booth. Also think about whether there are other events where you could hand out your promotional products, or if you would like to give the item as gifts to specific people. Once you’ve tallied up how many you think you’ll need, we suggest rounding up to ensure you have extra on hand. We make working directly with the factory easy and our talented and helpful team can help you through the process from quote to fulfillment.

Check out our selection of custom reusable bags then fill out a product quote request and we will get started working with you to create the perfect custom reusable bag to market your brand.

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