Top Green Cities in the USA

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What Are The Top Green Cities In the USA? We Are Glad You Asked

We’re really excited about a new initiative we’ve undertaken to find and highlight top green cities in the U.S. There are a lot of factors that make a city green. With this project, we’re focusing on cities in the USA that have implemented disposable plastic bag bans or fees because of the far reaching environmental benefits of such measures.

Plastic bags have a major negative environmental impact and taking steps to reduce this impact can have an incredibly positive influence on the environment. Passing a bag ban takes a lot of work, and it is no small endeavor. We want to recognize these top green cities in America that have taken the necessary steps to help the planet by reducing or even eliminating plastic bag use.

What Does It Mean to Be a Green City?

Levying a fee or outright banning plastic bags may not seem like that big of a deal, but this one action can have far reaching benefits. The sad reality is that a lot of single-use plastic bags end up as litter and bag laws reduce litter. Once plastic bag litter is no longer an issue, that is good news for wildlife and marine life.

Discarded plastic bags can destroy animal’s habitats and waterways and if animals mistake the litter as food it can have fatal consequences. Protecting animals also protects our food supply.

Furthermore, single-use plastic bags are made from non-renewable resources. By reducing or eliminating our dependence on plastic bags, a city is able to conserve these resources, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Check Out the ListTop Green Cities in the USA

Head here for a list of the Top Green Cities and to pick up your green city badge. We are working with these cities and awarding them a badge to add to their websites to bring attention to their eco-friendly efforts. If you represent any of these cities, or even if you would like to show pride in your home town, please copy and paste the code you find on the page to your site.

If you display the badge, please let us know in the comments or on social media. Also, if you are from one of the green cities please accept our sincerest thanks for everything you have done to help make the planet a greener place!

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