Recycling is In Trouble. Here Is What Your Community Can Do!

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Your Community Can Make a Positive Impact on Recycling. Here’s How.

These are trying times for the recycling industry. A variety of challenges are forcing many facilities to close, and this ultimately impacts how trash and resources are handled. We covered the state of recycling in a post last week. Now, we want to look at solutions to help improve recycling rates and efficiency. Read on to learn how your community can make a positive impact on recycling.

Addressing the Recycling Problem at the Source

Improved education and sorting at the consumer level will resolve many of the problems faced by recycling facilities. When residents understand what can, or more importantly, what cannot find its way into a recycling bin, this reduces a lot of the work placed on sorters and the likelihood of equipment being brought down. Our reusable recycling bags provide a solution to these issues. Traditionally, recycling is difficult in apartments and multifamily dwellings, and this bag provides an efficient, simple and cost-effective solution. Communities and municipalities can increase recycling rates with reusable recycling bags.

Resolving Tenants’ Problems

Recycling in apartments, dorms and other multi-family dwellings is typically low. In most instances, tenants want to recycle, but there is no easy process in place for people living in apartments to deposit their recyclables. By comparison, the curbside recycling system used in most single-family homes is very effective. A very adaptable solution to allow multi-family tenants to recycle is the use of reusable recycling bags. These are simply bags tenants can use to collect recyclable items. At the tenants’ convenience, they can empty the bag into a community collection point.

Designed to Work

Reusable recycling bags are made from recycled content themselves. The heavy-duty material is water-resistant, so should a bottle or can that is still wet from being rinsed out is placed in the bag the water will be contained. Our reusable recycling bags feature dual handles, so the bags are easy to carry and can also be hung from a hook or doorknob. A handle on the bottom of the bag makes it easy to dump the contents.

Reusable Recycling Bags Make Recycling EasyCustom Reusable Recycling Bags Are The Answer

Everything about our reusable recycling bags can be customized. You can swap out the material, adjust the size, handle length or anything else you want to change. Perhaps the best way to customize your reusable recycling bags is through full-color printing directly on the bag itself. You can supply the artwork, or you can work with our team of designers to create the ideal message to print on your bags.

Full-color printing on all sides of the bag creates the perfect space to help educate residents about recycling. List what items can be recycled and instructions to clean food containers. Include useful resources, like websites and phone numbers residents can use to learn more and find answers to any questions they may have.

Reusable Recycling Bags Offer Great Value

Our pricing is structured in a way that offers a lower price per item when purchasing higher quantities. As a property manager purchasing reusable recycling bags for a complex, or multiple apartments, or as a municipality purchasing for all of the apartments and multifamily dwellings in your area, it is possible to secure a very low price per bag given the high quantities needed.

Under normal use, our reusable recycling bags should last for about 2-3 years, or possibly longer. By securing a low price for bags that will last for many years, you will get the most bang for your buck. Our reusable recycling bags are made to last and deliver an amazing value. Further, when the bags do eventually wear out they can be recycled.

Supporting the Recycling Industry

Several obstacles have presented different challenges to the recycling industry in recent years. Offering multi-family tenants in your community a viable recycling solution in the form of reusable recycling bags can address and mitigate some of these issues. Helping residents understand what items can be recycled will keep non-recyclable items out of collection bins and ultimately help recycling facilities operate more efficiently.

For more information on how your community can take advantage of reusable recycling bags, please contact Factory Direct Promos today.

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