Here’s Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Lanyards

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Finding the Value in Useful and Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Lanyards provide significant value to people who use them to secure keys, ID badges, and other items, as well as brands that choose to market with them. From making a visible statement about your brand and serving as a regular reminder to aligning with your green goals, eco-friendly lanyards are excellent promotional products. Let’s look at why you should choose custom eco-friendly lanyards for your next marketing item.

Useful Promotional Products

When promotional products have value and serve a purpose, research shows us that your customers will use them. And when they use them, they will think of you and deepen their existing relationship or spark a new one. Another perk of useful promotional products is that they will promote your brand every time your customers use the item.

Uses of Lanyards

Eco-friendly lanyards are a simple item, but for people who need a lanyard, they are a necessity. And these days it seems everyone has one. Whether used to secure employee ID badges, name tags at a trade show, or even for students to keep their school ID handy, lanyards provide major value. If your demographic uses lanyards this can be a great way to effectively communicate your branding message in a helpful and meaningful way several times a day, every day.

Long-Term Planning

Lanyards deliver long-term value given that they will continue to promote your brand for many years. While they are typically used daily, they are not placed under significant stress or wear and tear, so lanyards usually hold up and last for several years. Selecting a promotional product that will last for an extended time works that much harder to expand the reach of your brand and continue to serve as a reminder of your company.

Eco-Friendly Marketing

Promotional products represent your brand, and they make a statement about your company. For brands that have established green or environmentally friendly goals or objectives, it is important to ensure marketing materials adhere to these guidelines. Promotional items made from recycled or sustainable content, such as our eco-friendly lanyards, stay true to green goals while also working to spread the word about your brand.

Customize Your Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Lanyards provide a surprisingly large amount of space to fill with your branding information and make a statement. The narrow design of the band requires relatively large artwork and easy-to-read fonts to ensure your message is seen. You can select a solid color lanyard and we can screen print your artwork onto the band. We also offer dye sublimation printing, which allows for a wide range of vibrant colors. All of these options provide consistent and dependable results that are easy to read and will increase the awareness of your brand.

We Can Help

We can show you just how simple it is to customize the design and create something custom just for your brand. We have been in the business of creating custom, reusable promotional products for decades, so we have learned how to streamline and simplify the process. Contact Factory Direct Promos for help selecting the right eco-friendly lanyard for your job.

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