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Reusable Paper Bags Make Fantastic Takeaways

Print your logo on reusable paper bags to hand out to your customers when they make a purchase at your store or to carry leftovers home from your restaurant. These durable bags will come in handy and put your logo and business information on display as your customers carry your bag. Think about offering a discount to customers who bring your custom branded reusable paper bag back the next time they visit your store to carry items home – you can print these instructions on the bag to encourage repeat business and repeat use of these eco bags.

The Truth Behind Paper Bags

There is a lot of information out there regarding paper bags – oftentimes paper bags are targeted in bills and ordinances that ban plastic bags and it is increasing common for fees to be levied against paper bags to discourage their use. Couple these reasons with the rumor that paper bags are actually worse on the environment than plastic bags and there is understandably so a lot of confusion out there so let’s try to clear up some of the confusion and get to the truth.

The eco qualities of a paper bag are determined by the materials used to construct the bag. If virgin fibers are used the bags are not eco, but when recycled paper is used to construct the bags they are very eco-friendly. At Factory Direct Promos the paper bags we offer are made from 100 percent recycled paper – so new trees are not cut down to make these bags. These bags are incredibly eco and they are also durable, so your customers will be able to use the bags several times and when the bags have fulfilled their usefulness your clients can recycle them, so they can be turned into something new and start the process over.

Paper versus Plastic

Our kraft paper bags allow you to offer your customers a bag to carry items without harming the environment. Single use plastic bags cause so much trouble and harm from an environmental standpoint and you need to consider how plastic bags could impact your business and customer’s perception of your business. Utilizing a bag that is made from recycled materials that can also be recycled shows your customers that you care about something more than your bottom line and that your business is guided by your commitment to the environment.

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