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DisintermediationDisintermediation – an ugly sounding word, if ever there was one. But that verbal mouthful defines an idea that is moving companies towards a simpler and more elegant way of doing business. It is also helping them to drive their costs down, while at the same time lightening the environmental burden they place on our hard-pressed planet. For a road-crash of a noun, that’s a pretty impressive tally.

But what exactly is ‘disintermediation’? And can your business join the throng that have reaped the benefits of keeping business connections short and sweet?

Despite it’s echoes of technical complexity, the idea behind disintermediation is surprisingly simple. In essence it’s about ‘cutting out the middle-men’ – having businesses dealing directly with each other, rather than fattening the purse of those traditionally standing between makers and buyers. And although such ideas have been tried, with varying degrees of success, since the 1960’s, it is the connective power of the internet which has allowed direct dealing to ‘come of age’.

The internet both provides tools for businesses to discover each other – through directories and search engines – and channels for direct purchase-supply links. That makes redundant the profit-skimming roles of agent, wholesaler, adviser and retailer, for many business-to-business connections. And without the need to support that wedge of intermediaries, there is huge scope for costs to be cut, on both sides of the buyer-seller relationship.

That cost-cutting motive has seen whole industries reworked over the last decade – from auto insurers to airlines to computer makers. But it’s not just money that is being saved when companies switch to direct dealing – the planet gains too. The once-ubiquitous middle-men have not only been sucking hard on company’s balance sheets; they’ve also been a heavy drain on the Earth’s resources.

Such companies burn fuel that swells our globe’s carbon footprint; they use up stocks of fast-diminishing raw materials; they build offices on land that is becoming scarcer by the day. Cut out the middleman and you cut out a whole tranche of environmentally wasteful practices.

That is one of the reasons that purchasing from a direct manufacturer – like Factory Direct Promos – makes so much sense. A long-term force in helping businesses make a striking positive impact, with eco friendly products that are sourced with the planet foremost in mind, Factory Direct Promos are strong practitioners of the new lean green business model. The Factory Direct Promos product line – ranging from reusable bags, reusable grocery bags, to seed paper, to eco USB drives – comes straight from the factory floor, without a laborious supply-chain that costs you money – and the planet her future.

So if you’re looking to join the disintermediation revolution, Factory Direct Promos can be a small but vital part of your journey. Our products can help to proclaim your company’s message loud-and-clear. And because they are ecologically-sourced, ethically-manufactured, and responsibly-shipped, that message will be one stamped with the most impeccable of credentials.

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