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  • Why Reuse a Cup? Check Out Our Infographic and Find Out!

    On average Americans throw away 25 billion paper coffee cups each year. This is a staggering amount, and accounts for a massive use of resources. To make matters worse disposable coffee cups are very difficult to recycle, and leave a long lasting and unfortunate legacy. What is the best way to take your coffee to go? In a reusable travel coffee cup – check out our infographic to learn why this is the cup of choice.
  • The Environmental, Financial and Health Effects of Bottled Water

    It's Time to Start Making Sense of Bottled Water! Staying hydrated is important; especially during the warmer summer months. Carrying water on the go is a great way to make sure you drink plenty of fluids, but the type of bottle you use makes all the difference to the environment. Bottled water has become big business and the environmental impact can be dire.
  • Does Passion Fuel Your Business?

    Passion can play a huge role in business. From the spark of an idea to developing a product or service, or the desire to keep improving and searching for better and more efficient ways to work, passion is often the cornerstone of successful businesses. What motivates you to keep moving your business forward? At Factory Direct Promos we are fueled by passion - passion to help the environment and do great work for our clients.
  • 3 Cool Ideas for Summer Marketing

    It’s about that time to start planning for your summer marketing initiatives and we are here to help. Customized, eco-friendly, branded products are proven to effectively get your marketing message out there and get your brand recognized. The more useful your customized product is, the more your customers will use it. In turn this means your brand will get more exposure. We’ve selected three eco-friendly customizable products that are great for your summer marketing initiatives.
  • Eco-Friendly Promotional Products, Do U.S. Consumers Care?

    The newest ASI Impression study is out and as always the results shine a light on the value and impact of customized eco-friendly promotional products. There are so many different types of promotional products available, with each product offering its own unique advantages.
  • 5 Ways to Make Your Tradeshow Giveaways Eco-Friendly

    If you are looking for a way to leave an impression and make sure your branding message stands out with the folks who visit your tradeshow booth, a takeaway is a great way to do it...but not all tradeshow takeaways are created equally. Eco-friendly takeaways will increase your brand’s awareness and recognition, while minimizing your brand’s environmental impact. In a recent post for The Trade Show News Network (TSNN), our very own CMO, Shane outlined 5 ways to make your tradeshow giveaways eco-friendly.
  • 5 Eco-Friendly Marketing Strategies That Work

    Incorporating green marketing strategies into your business will lighten your company’s carbon footprint while also showing your customers that you take your green commitments seriously. What’s great about integrating some green changes into your marketing efforts is that you don’t have to make any major sweeping changes. There are a lot of simple changes you can make that are eco-friendly and will pack a big green change.
  • 5 Ways to a Greener Tradeshow Exhibit

    Tradeshows have earned the reputation for being rough on the environment. Basically, this is rooted in the disposable nature of tradeshows. Many companies exhibit in one or two shows a year and materials used to construct the booth, displays, signs and furniture may only be used for those one or two shows. The rest is left in the convention hall where it is picked up and carted off to a landfill. Things don’t have to be like this! As our CMO, Shane Shirley explained in a recent guest post for TSNN, there are ways to make your tradeshow exhibit green.
  • Marketing That Works in Today's Digital World

    With the advent of digital media, there are more avenues than ever before to market your company and get the word out about your brand. In order to get the best use of your marketing budget though, you really need to choose wisely and opt for reaching out to customers in a way that will catch and hold their attention and strengthen relationships.
  • 5 Reasons Your Brand Should Create a Reusable Eco-Friendly Promotional Product for Marketing

    There are a lot of benefits to marketing your brand with a reusable, eco-friendly promotional product for Earth Day and beyond. When your brand creates a reusable, eco-friendly promotional product, you will be helping to green up consumers who are your prospects and clients, but in the process, you are effectively marketing your brand and getting great ROI. Check out our list of five reasons you should market your brand with eco-friendly, reusable promotional products.

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